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[Vending machine] Detailed explanation of the four business models of vending machines

by:Haloo      2021-04-19
Since the emergence and development of unmanned vending machines, more and more product categories have been added to this small square box. From the beginning of drinks and snacks, to later small toys and'fu bag' products, to the later fresh ingredients, fresh milk, freshly squeezed juice and ice cream...It can be said that vending machines almost cover life. All aspects of supplies. But for operators, choosing the right model is also very important. So how many business models does a small vending machine have? Which one are you suitable for? 1. Agent franchise Agent franchise vending machine of a certain brand. In this business model, you only need to pay a very small deposit, and you can get the equipment for launch. During the operation period, the maintenance and after-sales of the vending machine are supported by the brand. After the corresponding time of operation, the brand may refund the deposit. Very suitable for entrepreneurs who are just starting out. 2. Leasing cooperative customers directly lease machines from vending machine manufacturers and are responsible for all operating procedures themselves. The operator needs to pay a certain rent to the manufacturer or distribute profits with the manufacturer. In this mode, all operators need to pay a certain deposit to the manufacturer. 3. Direct purchase The customer directly purchases the equipment of the vending machine manufacturer, the customer is independently responsible for operation, and the equipment manufacturer is responsible for the installation, testing and routine maintenance of the machine, and the profit belongs to the operator. The operating cost of this model is relatively high, because the price of vending machines is generally relatively high, plus machine maintenance, point fees, operating costs will be much higher than the agent franchise. 4. The business model of free placement is that customers provide free placement sites. Vending machine manufacturers are responsible for all matters related to equipment placement and operation, and the profit distribution is determined by both parties through negotiation. In this type, customers generally do it for convenience rather than profit. For example, vending machines are placed in the community to facilitate residents' lives. Therefore, the service attitude of vending machine manufacturers is a factor that customers value. If you also want to make a lot of money with a small machine, then intelligence is a good choice for you. The automatic vending machine has the following characteristics: 1. The product enrichment machine is suitable for the sale of various types of packaged beverages, such as canned, bottled, boxed, and bagged, and a variety of snacks, candies, and chocolates; the merchandise channel can be widened and narrowed according to the size of the product. Flexible adjustment of thickness According to the different seasons, the sales of beverages and food can be flexibly adjusted. 2. With complete functions, it is possible to sell bottled and filled beverages of specific sizes (with adjustable temperature from 3°C to 12°C) and daily small commodities without refrigeration. The feature is that a machine is equivalent to a beverage machine and a non-refrigerated beverage machine. The function of a food machine with refrigeration. 3. To increase revenue and reduce expenditure to adapt to changes in different seasons to sell goods can save electricity, field rental fees and equipment investment costs. 4. Humanized design of large-screen LCD operation display screen, with three rows of text display, which is convenient to remind customers and manage operation menu prompts, which is convenient for machine managers to master machine function settings. 6. High safety and reliability. The use of explosion-proof tempered glass, all-steel cabinets and multiple anti-theft designs ensure the safety of commodities, currencies and equipment.
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