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Vending machine business model all have?

by:Haloo      2020-11-13
The vending machine business model: 1, looking for agents, earning its league. This zhi, business model, very suitable for fledgling entrepreneurs. Just pay a little deposit to join some brand of vending machine, can get equipment, when the operating time, corresponding brand even refund the deposit. During the operation, the vending machine maintenance and after-sales, have the brand support. 2, leasing cooperation. This kind of mode, the operators are need to pay a deposit to manufacturer. Customer to vending vendors would direct leasing machine, is responsible for all business processes. 3, free delivery. This type, the customer is usually non-profit for life convenience. Such as on the vending machine in the district, the vending machine location convenient residents was known as the special channel, give priority to with schools, hospitals, railway stations and other places, the target consumer groups. Profit model: (1) shelving fee: within the limited space, you can ask the listing fees charged by the product manufacturer. (2) location for fee: due to the location is good or bad, good location can be sold at a premium. (3) advertising: the body can be posted outside, for advertising. (4) selling profits: selling the products get profit difference. Main cost: into the need to pay the entrance fee for various special access, depreciation of machine maintenance, etc. Extended information: vending machine ( 自动售货机,VEM) Is based on input of coin machine automatically pay for the goods. The vending machine is the common use of the commercial automation equipment, it is not restricted by time and place, can save manpower, convenient transactions. Is a kind of brand-new commercial retail form, also known as the miniature supermarket open 24 hours a day. At present domestic common vending machine will be divided into four kinds: drink vending machine, food vending machines, integrated vending machine, cosmetics vending machine. Vending machine is a kind of brand-new commercial retail form, since the 1970 s, Japan and Europe and the United States. It is also known as miniature supermarket open 24 hours a day. In Japan, 70% of canned drinks are sold by vending machines. The world famous beverage maker Coca-Cola company in the world is 500000 drinks vending machine. Network operations to the vending machine current operating data, including the system status, system failure and material failure, out of stock situation, the sales data by installing in the vending machine of GPRS wireless transmission module to the vending machine network server, the operating personnel can be on any computer connected to the master vending machine that information, realize the vending machine of large-scale operations and network management. Mobile phone shopping vending machine system and mobile POS module system docking, realize to the mobile launch of 2. 4 GHZ RFSIM card to read and write operations, complete mobile phone shopping function. Multimedia display using LED display screen, multimedia display technology, docking vending machine system and PC system, make consumers can be controlled by PC touch screen vending machine of choose and buy goods, not only replace the pick button, and make the vending machine has the function of media. Self-help pay cost to an ATM system embedded in a vending machine, make the vending machine in mobile, financial terminal equipment, realize self-help pay business, etc. Resources: baidu encyclopedia - The vending machine
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