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by:Haloo      2021-08-16
Maintenance method of vending machine In daily life, people use vending machine to avoid encountering various problems. For example, the problems that plague users such as card currency and card goods have affected the normal business and the mood of customers to buy...So today, haloo will provide you with some vending machine maintenance methods, so that everyone can operate the vending machine more properly. ❖So what maintenance should be paid attention to in the daily vending machine? 1. Tools needed for maintenance: towel, condenser cleaning brush, Phillips screwdriver, clean water or neutral lotion, high-power hair dryer or vacuum cleaner. 2. Parts required for maintenance: machine body surface, pick-up port, display window, paper and coin identification Troubleshoot the failure of the device, shipping chute, condenser, evaporating dish, and remote control. Three: Maintenance step A. Vending machine body Vending machine includes: beverage machine, integrated machine, convenience cabinet, etc. 1. When the machine is dusty, you can wipe it with a dry towel. 2. If the dirt is serious, it can be cleaned up with a towel dipped in warm water or diluted neutral wash. 3. For the machine with a display screen, when there are stains on the screen, you need to wipe it with a dry towel. If the stain is serious, you need to use a wet towel or a wet towel with a diluted neutral detergent to wipe the key stains, remember not to use towels Too wet, the purpose is only to wipe off the stains. 4. Do not use solvents containing acidic or alkaline solvents. Otherwise, parts such as window panels, selection buttons, etc. may be corroded and cracked, or the paint on the body may fade. When removing dirt from vending machines, it is forbidden to use chemicals such as paint solvents and banana water. ﹀B. Pick-up port cleaning means that the pickup port of beverage machines, integrated machines, convenience cabinets and other machines needs to be checked for stains every time a replenishment: the location of the beverage machine pickup port alternates between cold and hot in summer. Breeding bacteria, the convenience cabinet with LED lighting will attract flying insects; in both cases, condensation water mist and flying insects are prone to occur, and you need to clean it with a towel every time you restock. ﹀C. The cleaning of the exhibition window. Since the exhibition window is the place where the samples are displayed, it needs to be kept clean at all times. Because there are lights in the exhibition window, it will attract flying insects. It needs to be kept clean and bright. The replenishment needs to be checked and cleaned up at any time. ﹀ D. Cleanup of the recognizer The recognizer includes: a banknote device and a coin device, which are devices for receiving cash. 1. In the process of receiving cash, the transfer channel of the banknote device and the recognition channel of the coin device will be dirty. Open the recognition head of the recognizer to see the dirt; 2. You need to use a wet towel or a neutral wash Clean the stains with a wet towel with detergent, otherwise it will directly affect the currency acceptance rate of the recognizer. You need to check and clean up every time you add coins or collect cash! ﹀E. Cleaning the shipping chute The shipping chute is the only way for the shipment of beverages and food. 1. In the case of beverage breakage, the beverage with syrup will directly cause stains on the shipping chute, which can be viewed by opening the inner door. 2. It will dry out if it is not cleaned for a long time, so it needs to be cleaned with a wet towel. Every replenishment needs to be checked. ﹀F. The condenser is cleaned at least once a month. Use a vacuum cleaner and condenser cleaning brush to remove the garbage or dirt attached to the condenser fins. If it is not cleaned for a long time, it will lead to poor cooling effect, waste of electricity, and serious damage to the compressor! Note: Use hard brushes other than metal (such as condenser cleaning brushes) and move them up and down to clean. You can also use a vacuum cleaner to suck out. Otherwise, it will affect the machine's refrigeration. If the dirt is serious, the cooling unit needs to be disassembled for deep cleaning. ﹀G. Cleaning of the evaporating dish The evaporating dish is a place where excess condensed water is stored, which will evaporate through the copper tube of the condenser. 1. If the evaporation is not complete, there will be water overflow, you need to use a screwdriver to remove the baffle of the evaporating dish, take out the evaporating dish to pour out the condensed water in the evaporating dish 2. Clean at least once every two months, the amount of condensed water produced It is related to the ambient temperature of the machine and is directly proportional to the ambient temperature. * The above is the maintenance operation of the vending machine. Only a well-maintained vending machine can last a longer service life and earn more wealth for operating friends! If a vending machine is not used for a long time, how should it be maintained? Vending machines need to be well maintained when they are in operation, and they also need to be carefully maintained when they are not used for a long time. When a vending machine is not in use for a long time, it should be locked so that the door of the vending machine cannot be opened at will. First, take out all the goods placed inside. Next, set the switch of the leakage protector to OFF and unplug the power plug. Then wipe the inside and outside of the vending machine clean. Finally, put a protective cover on the vending machine for safekeeping. We all know that any product will have a shelf life. When the shelf life expires, it may face deterioration or damage; and in real life, when we use a product, we have not waited until the shelf life of the product has expired.. .... In addition to the quality of the product itself, it is actually closely related to our daily habits. Take haloo vending machine as an example, the performance and service life of the vending machine are directly related to daily maintenance.. More and more examples have proved that the scientific use of sales opportunities to extend their service life can also reduce unnecessary maintenance costs. After reading the maintenance methods of the vending machine above, I believe it will be helpful for you to operate the vending machine in the future!
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