Unmanned vending machines-future market prospects

by:Haloo      2021-10-22
Under the wave of new retail, unattended new formats emerge in endlessly, and unmanned vending machines have captured countless consumers with features such as self-service shopping, instant enjoyment, and mobile payment. In the Internet age, unmanned vending machines have a high degree of acceptance among young consumer groups. Unmanned vending machines can be seen everywhere in large and medium-sized cities, but compared to Japan, South Korea, Europe and other countries, our unmanned vending machine facilities can only be regarded as just starting.   The development of science and technology drives the progress of productivity, and science and technology change lives, and the same is true for unmanned vending machines. With the increase in the cost of living, the cost of opening a store, decoration and other traditional stores is even greater. You need to pay rent, decoration, labor, various taxes and other costs. In fact, there is not much profit in the calculation. If you count the location advantages, in fact, many traditional stores are losing money. The annual rent, prices, and labor costs are all rising, and the pressure is naturally great. The fixed sales model does not bring fixed and unmatched income. . The application of the unmanned vending machine solves this problem to a large extent. It can be placed freely without affecting all aspects; its products can be adjusted at will according to market demand; it can be operated in the background and is out of stock. Replenishment can be checked at any time and anywhere through the background, which can solve the problem of invoicing, sales and inventory, and does not need to take inventory every month; it can reduce various expenses, does not require too much cost, there is no rent, and only a part of the electricity or venue fee is paid It can be solved; it can be cooled and heated, and it can be trusted by customers in winter and summer; it can change the location according to the situation without too much cost; it can be open 24 hours a day, all day long, no holidays, and no need to pay for it For any salary, you only need to power it. It can put various commodities such as beverages, food, adult products, etc., to maximize customer needs. Advantages of unmanned vending machines: 1. 24-hour operation. Traditional receiving stores are open for 15 hours a day, especially for some adult products. Traditional physical stores cannot be opened during prime time (late night) sales. Unmanned automatic sales stores are open 24 hours a day. , The turnover doubled. 2. The exposure rate is relatively high. The unmanned vending store itself is different from the traditional physical store. As long as the location is selected well, it is easy to enter the customer's field of vision. 3. Buyers and sellers are not in embarrassment. Customers can fully understand the product, find the product they want, and avoid both sides. 4. Diversified payment methods. Cash, WeChat, Alipay, UnionPay, Baidu Wallet, etc. can be paid by swiping the face, and it has the functions of identifying counterfeit currency and anti-phishing. 5. There are many types of operations. This project is suitable for unemployed people, college students, full-time wives, startups, and those who want to increase additional income. Now the equipment has a cloud service background management system. You can take a few minutes a day and turn on your phone to see Today's business situation and which goods channels' sales situation and the peak period of entering the store, it is enough to collect the change for the targeted replenishment in the later period. The long-term accumulation of unmanned vending machines has created the current vitality. Under the influence of the new retail environment, I believe that the spring of unmanned vending machines will be more brilliant than usual.
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