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by:Haloo      2023-06-07
In order to improve the customer's product satisfaction, we have made a full line of product upgrades for the vending machines we produce. Appearance upgrade: We have made appropriate adjustments to the appearance of the machine this time. We designed the original sticker of the vending machine in red, but after the upgrade, it was changed to blue, which is more eye-catching and attractive. It turns out that the door frame of the vending machine is made of steel, and thickened tempered glass is embedded inside. After the upgrade, the entire door is made of glass, and the airtightness has been greatly improved, which can better ensure the low temperature inside the machine, prolong the cooling effect of the compressor, save energy and keep the low temperature inside the machine for a long time. Internal upgrades: We also upgraded the compressor. For the newly adopted compressor, we found more than a dozen manufacturers to discuss the plan, and finally selected one. The compressor was changed to a custom-made commercial perfusion compressor, and the cooling effect was improved to a higher level. And there has also been a huge improvement in energy saving. In other respects, we have also made some fine-tuning. In line with the principle of serving customers, we have upgraded our products by increasing the quantity without increasing the price, and all the services are still sincere and timely as always. Haloo Smart, your vending machine customization expert.
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