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Unique hotel vending machine what is the meaning

by:Haloo      2020-11-12
Since the active vending machine to enter the Chinese market, does not find fantasy that prosperity. Block active vending machine for many reasons, opening land type is single. In people's idea, take the initiative to vending machine to supply FMCG is the direction of marketing profit and this leads to active the early stage of the vending machine sold outside of virtually all drinks, snacks, always keep food in the neighborhood stop, but forget to diversification. Many professional bosses found the problem, thought beginning vending machine demand transformation actively, on the adult products vending machine, hotel vending machine, bento vending machine to start. And the arrival of the new retail, let active vending machine exposure in people's field of vision, from the start of the new vending machine types attract people eyes to see, the same functionality, usability was the attention of the customer, under the condition of all people look at eyes, hotel vending machine can stand firm. Active vending machine diversity to consider its meaning? Market demand? The products are satisfied customer demand? Hotel sales function is given when facing these problems will be the answer. Hotel what is the meaning of the vending machine? Active vending machine to assist the hotel the supply of more reasonable, more standard for products, saving labor costs. Equipment and improve the intelligence of the hotel in the lobby and the vending machine is put inside the floor, rooms can let the customer finish close li consumption; Hotel vending machine will be paid for the product useful to ensure the safety of closed selling environment for product cannot be damaged by the third party maid; To maintain the customer's privacy and consumer payment directly on the vending machine, no follow-up check inventory.
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