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Understanding why the vending machine will suffer to the user's favor

by:Haloo      2020-11-13
Hotel room in the vending machine is not only convenient for the customer to show, also eliminated the hotel condoms sold a lot of problems: nursing ward round of check items in the human cost; Traditional way of selling goods loss compensation disputes; Poor customers check out waiting for feeling; Merchandise inventory and the abnormal damage, etc. ; Handle failure market ( Customer finished too expensive from the mall to buy boots) Difficult problem. The problem of processing type is not complete and cause less sales, sales improved; Handle customer privacy problems. Deal with house appliance purchase team placed artificial service and marketing problems and events; Customers to take elevators capsules by buying small articles of daily use hidden costs problem ( Each take one elevator car to average about $2) 。 Removal of hotel room vending machine itself advantages, also with its unique business model, distributors and agents contributed to the operation mode of the mutual benefit and win-win results. Vending machine in the future, hotel room management team will once again to promote goods and background management of product research and development design, make a more comprehensive upgrade the hotel intelligent system integrated service platform, the Internet technology and artificial intelligence technology to benefit a large number of customers.
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