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Understanding of the features of the vending machine and classification

by:Haloo      2020-11-17
The vending machine is a automatic equipment business, not limited by time and place, is the new form of commercial retail market, its different vending machines, has its applicable on the consumption scenarios and commodity categories, today the author take everyone understand the operating characteristics of the vending machine and a variety of types, interested friends can look! One, the characteristics of the vending machine 1, lower cost, a the vending machine price range from several thousand to 8, less capital investment, the threshold is lower, suitable for small companies and individuals such as financial strength limited operators. 2, flexibility, high no supermarkets have to rent the larger area, the appropriate site resources is relatively less, leasing, decorate spending high cost; While the vending machine is much higher flexibility, square, schools, service hall, tourist attractions, station, airport and other places can be put on, also can solve these places shopping needs of consumers. 3, easy to manage the vending machine has a mature design, feature rich stable performance and is easy to maintain. Through the cloud background, how the vending machine operators can batch management, realize the entire digital, intelligent operations. 4, more efficient automatic vending machine, faster, easier, and more to protect customers' privacy. Under no one shop's camera, a closed small space, it seems more suitable for bank automatic teller machines, appear very depressed! Suppose a tramp brush in, sleep in it, what would you do? 5, and easier to maintain automatic vending machine shelf mess by consumers do not exist, don't need stocking shelves, only need one action replenishment. No one and convenience store, otherwise, the shop after a dozen customers choose scenes will become a Wolf. 6, flat effect higher, lower rents. To guard against theft, and investment is lower. The vending machine compared with no convenience store, the goods will be safer, will naturally lower risk of theft. 7, the future development prospect of the vending machine is a huge can against electricity, like blood capillary density offline retail network! In addition to retail revenues, but also can make use of the fuselage, electronic screen, mobile payments jump interface such as advertising channels, an excellent advertisement carrier wysiwyg. Second, the classification of the vending machine aisle 1, the spiral spring, vending machine, which is relatively early in the vending machine aisle, in this way has simple structure, etc. , can be selling items are common snacks, daily necessities and other small commodities, also can sell bottled drinks. 2 aisle, caterpillar, the vending machine crawler aisle is a continuation of the spring aisle, but limit is more, only suitable for selling have regular packing and 'standing' goods. Aisle 3, serpentine, vending machines for selling drinks exclusive development aisle, suitable for selling all kinds of bottled and canned drinks, drinks bottles across into each other, beverage in the arrival of the goods inside layer upon layer, into the most dense accumulation state, relying on its own gravity drop shipment. 4, many grid ark vending machine: many grid ark cabinet cluster is a kind of grid, each grid has a separate door and control mechanism, each grid can put a commodity can also be put inside a set of goods.
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