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U.S. FDA promotes standardization of vending machine snack calories

by:Haloo      2021-03-07
Many people have had the experience of buying lunch or dinner at a vending machine, not those novel and unique vending machines that provide you with salad or smoothies or make cappuccino while waiting, but traditional ones. Vending machines with French fries and candy bars, these high-calorie foods are unknowingly harming people's health. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) decided on Friday that it will do its best to protect the health of people who buy lunch or dinner on vending machines. Market Watch reports that “the font size of the calorie label should be at least 150% of the minimum required size of the net weight information displayed on the actual packaging of the product.” In other words, you may want to buy a Snickers until you see When it contains 215 calories, it will be replaced with a Sun Chips bag with only 140 calories. is this okay? Market Watch is skeptical, on the grounds that researchers at Cornell University and Louisiana State University have studied the impact of 5,000 calories on restaurant menus: people have lost an average of only one pound for more than three years. Another study by researchers at Georgia State University and Columbia University found that published calorie counts can help diners identify low-calorie foods and then avoid eating them. However, now you cannot accuse the FDA of not doing everything it can to improve vending machine cuisine. In any case, healthy food will be people's first choice. The above information is shared by the vending machine and reprinted, please mark it.
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