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Troubleshooting method of touch vending machine

by:Haloo      2022-05-22
There are more and more types of vending machines in the streets and alleys. Touch-type vending machines are a common model now, but this kind of machine occasionally has some faults. We can solve such faults as follows: observe whether the indicator lights on the control box work normally. The indicator light is green and flashing. But if the above parts are normal, the touch screen can be checked by the replacement method, first replace the control box, then replace the touch screen, and then replace the host. Then, check whether each wiring interface is loose, and then check whether there is a conflict between the serial port and the interrupt number. If there is a conflict, adjust the resources to avoid the conflict. Check whether there are cracks on the surface of the touch screen, and replace it in time if there are cracks. It is also necessary to check whether there is dirt on the surface of the touch screen, and clean it with a soft cloth if necessary. Haloo Automation Equipment Co., Ltd is mainly engaged in unmanned vending machines, automatic vending machines, and professional vending machine manufacturers have a complete after-sales service system. Let customers buy personalized products at standard money prices. Welcome to inquire!
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