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Trends in the development of the vending machine and is widely used

by:Haloo      2020-11-12
The accelerating pace of modern life, consumption significantly, about the shopping convenience, flexibility and convenience, etc. Put forward higher requirements. From China's situation, the vending machine in People's Daily life plays a more and more important. Vending machines already as a kind of public facilities and widely spread, such as in airports, high-speed, hotels, shopping malls, tourist attractions, large community, school, factory and many other centers, we can see the figure of the vending machine. In 2018, the vending machine transaction has been a huge success, partly because of the mobile intelligent add and customers increasingly added to the attention of the non-cash payment. But new technology has led to sell add 2019 more automatic. Of and progress, such as voice and facial recognition - The key characteristics of the continuous development of the vending machine system. The new system will supply funny interactive experience, brand and operators can use cloud online and data analysis to drop operation into a few years in the capital and improvement of the vending machine power. In busy areas more vending machines, will also promote the added later.
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