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Trembling, infinite treasure box can also serve as pure drinks vending machine

by:Haloo      2020-11-20
Previous we explained the infinite treasure box vending machine regular aisle configuration scheme, can sell snacks, drinks, really very practical, suitable for all kinds of places. But have friends and said, I only sell drinks, I also know that easily touch technology serpentine drinks vending machine advantages of many goods, maintenance costs are much lower, but the price of this kind of high-end drinks vending machine has around twenty thousand, one can buy two infinite treasure box, I don't want to put so much money, can let whole aisle infinite treasure box can sell drinks. You also don't say, we do have this solution! Infinite treasure box vending machine, as we all know, the default regular aisle configuration can sell drinks, only the following three layer above two layers of selling drinks, we only need to change the above two layers aisle to specification is ok as below! If all adopt the third aisle pitch 75 mm spring specifications, can machine a total of 6 * 8 * 5 = 240 bottles of beverage; If all adopt the fourth layer pitch 80 mm spring aisle specifications, infinite treasure box vending machine also can hold 200 bottles of drinks. Want to know, infinite treasure box the width and thickness of the vending machine is less than 84 cm, than make friends with the same number of commodity traders machine saved at least 20 cm the width of the oh. Pitch the difference between 75 mm and 80 mm, of course, is not only a problem of more with less, also involves goods size of the problem, if is relatively coarse bottles such as pulse, had better use the spring of 80 mm pitch aisle, if it is 500 - About 600 ml of conventional bottles, 75 mm pitch is enough, two specifications of spring aisle mixed with customers, such as the first, second and third layer with a 75 mm, the fourth and fifth with 80 mm, and so on, such as combination, basically covers all 250 - on the market 600 ml bottle of cans of drinks. Again, a simple selling drinks is not spring aisle of the special features, if bulk operations, or choose a snake aisle drinks vending machine is better, in the rate card goods and service life, the respect such as replenishment efficiency serpentine aisle is much more superior, of course, you cannot sell the cow and drink the milk, the price is different also, certainly which more suitable for both machines to buy back his use contrast is clear. Note: drinks vending machine snake aisle is preferred, followed by spring aisle. Website: contact phone number: in this paper, the copyright shall belong to the easy touch the vending machine
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