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Toasted sandwich vending machine appeared in Japan

by:Haloo      2021-03-07
Recently, a cafeteria named 'popy toyosaka' on the side of the old national highway in Kita-ku, Niigata Prefecture, Niigata Prefecture, Japan, went viral. In this small store of about 200 square meters, in addition to vending machines selling drinks and cup noodles, and some arcade game machines, there is also a vending machine that can toast bread and sandwiches, which is very old-fashioned. According to reports, customers only need to put coins into the sandwich vending machine and press the button, and two slices of toast wrapped in aluminum foil will pop up in about 50 seconds. Open the seal while dissipating heat, and the burnt yellow toasted sandwich will appear in your sight. Tasting it, it feels that even the corners of the toast are soft and soft and waxy to eat. The bread melts in the mouth with enough butter, filling the mouth with fragrance and a little salty taste, in short, it is a kind of 'gentle' taste. Everyone was amazed at this 'magic' sandwich vending machine, and it also attracted many young people to come and taste it. The picture above is: Kaoru Nakajima, the owner of the cafeteria, and the toasted sandwich vending machine. In addition, the toasted sandwiches in this vending machine are available in two flavors of ham and cheese for customers to choose freely. Kaoru Nakajima, the owner of the cafeteria, said, “In the past, people could only choose to go to a bakery to buy freshly baked sandwiches. Nowadays, you can enjoy hot sandwiches just in front of the vending machine, which is very convenient.” It is worth mentioning that, In order to ensure that the sandwiches are fresh and delicious, the staff will recycle and update the unsold sandwiches in the machine every day. The above information is shared by vending machines and reprinted, please mark up. Previous post: Taiwanese supermarkets compete to deploy unmanned vending machines to seize the gap in business opportunities
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