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To apply for the vending machine WeChat receipts account matters needing attention

by:Haloo      2020-11-12
Through the expansion of recent years, and now there is no vending machine in a second-tier cities is widely, in three or four line city of big hospitals, schools, stations, traffic sites also basically had the vending machine. The unmanned self-service equipment can be 24 hours a day all year round constant operation, cover an area of an area small can be put into in various places, whether for is still the customers who are very convenient. Friends throughout the vending machine work, in addition to the treasure, common group, pepsi-cola, Coca-Cola and other large food vending machine operators and drink many into the vending machine manufacturers, many personal businesses also unwilling to lag behind the preliminary into the vending work. Says from the legal, operating the vending machine needs operating license ( Individual industrial and commercial households and companies) And food circulation permit, and specific measures for pleading for varies in different cities, general can consult the local administrative department for industry and commerce. Technically, want to put your payment account binding the vending machine system, the requirements are appropriate account. Pay treasure to account whether it is still a merchant account of company of the individual, must be registered pay function (face to face Registration process, please refer to: infinite treasure box the vending receive a new account to pay the registration process) 。 Here we mainly talk about WeChat payment account requirements and registration method. WeChat payment need a WeChat masses, service, and then submit operating license ( Individual industrial and commercial households and companies can be) Qualifications plus V certification, such as certification through WeChat payment function, in the after registered here involves two demand attention: operating license is individual and industrial and commercial door, need to submit legal person's personal bank account to receive payment, Individual and industrial and commercial door not brought to account) ; Operating license is the nature of the company, needs to submit payment toward the company's account.
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