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This vending machine what are the terms of payment and its development prospects

by:Haloo      2020-11-13
Vending machines to support a variety of payment, in addition to cash, current a vending machine can also custom student meal CARDS, WeChat scan code to pay alipay mobile phones and face payment of payment, etc. Way, the method of payment is more convenient, novel, the students also like to try new things. Elementary school, junior high school and university can choose according to student's properties of payment. Repo rate is high and quick return, if the vending machine high profit, it must not convincing. Students prefer a variety of snacks, drinks, dairy products and other fast-moving consumer goods, while a single commodity profit is not high, but sales, sales, sales faster, the overall profits are still very good. The school is an ideal place for operating the vending machine. Usually it will restore to the original state in about 11 months, and then the net profit. This is the industry well-known things. The key is to start the channel. Normally, you need to build a relationship or bid. Rely on big data and cloud back-end technology to support from all walks of life as well as the emerging trend of retail self-service artificial intelligence. Now, vending machine gradually take the place of many traditional shops and automatically. The cargo plane has only just begun in China, the gap is still large, foreground is very good.
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