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This vending machine generally put where appropriate

by:Haloo      2020-11-12
Vending machines are usually placed in the local? Like many friends know only put at the station, so that is a vending machine put the address, can only be put at the station, actually not yes, just had people local to be able to put. Below summarizes several often put local: the airport traffic is very big, demand is much, but in conditions are harsh, as can be stationed in the airport, is, of course, there is a primary sales history. Campus, choose the layout of the junior middle school, high school, university, campus corresponds to the students is more, the first collective consumption is given priority to with students, sales is given priority to with drinks and snacks. Scenic area of people follow holiday changes or increase or decreases, the scenic spot of the holidays, can add appropriately a few vending machine, the first is given priority to with drinks. Office of the traffic, in the import and export around the inside of the building, are generally more purchasing power to work and rest time, give priority to with lunches and snacks drinks. Commercial street, say foot traffic, the mall is in the first one, but the vending machine is put around the square, or flow larger path, give priority to with drinks.
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