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The vending machine who is better than the vending supermarkets

by:Haloo      2020-11-13
Vending machine industry in the industrial chain of middle reaches, intelligent operation and the trend of The Times, rich category and value-added services added motivation. Heavy assets and low profit makes the vending machine operators must strengthen the point on the strength, improve the operational efficiency of the supply chain in order to better control the cost, finally achieve the virtuous circle of the long-distance copy form scale economy. Those with market share and rely on big data and cloud computing technology is expected to improve the operational efficiency of the supply chain enterprise in the competition. With the expansion of sales category of rich and value-added business, vending machine market potential will be released. In fact, no one supermarket, not just recently. In early 2016, Sweden has been scanning the qr code in mobile phone, and mobile phone no convenience store Nraffr bind credit card payment. Launched in the second half of last year, Japanese meti 'no convenience stores' plan, in the convenience store to introduce unmanned checkout and' electronic tags. Japan's convenience store giant rosen became the first adopts the technology of enterprise. Since then, Japan - 7 11, the family and so on five big convenience stores have announced will introduce the system. In may this year, in the 7 - South Korea's lotte group 11 the high-end version of '7 11 people ', to begin testing the use of biotechnology brush hand 'pay. Compared with no convenience stores in Sweden, South Korea and Japan, at the end of last year, the United States Amazon launched Amazon Go convenience store, more advanced in technology, computer vision, deep learning algorithm was adopted and sensor technology, image analysis, and other intelligence. The technology is applied to the same driverless cars. In simple terms, the amazon's no convenience store, by the relative position between the perception and shelves, store shelves and movement, which to calculate who took the goods. No convenience store also can reduce the cost of a convenience store, that why more inclined to group of network stations vending machine? Indeed, the Internet of things technology, face recognition technology, as well as the development of mobile payment technology, provided technical support for unattended convenience store, consumer demand for convenience shopping promotion and increased competition in the industry make no convenience store once in tuyere. But there is no convenience to solve the problem, a group of network stations vending machine also can be solved. In its essence, there is no convenience stores and vending machines network stations is the same, is based on the consumer as the center, in order to enhance consumer experience, better serve customers, meet the needs of consumers rapid convenient shopping. Vending machines is the most important network stations is more practical than no convenience store more efficient interoperability and dilated scale.
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