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The vending machine suppliers, new retail has been lost in the second half

by:Haloo      2021-02-19
Vending machine suppliers, retail now meet intelligence development, emotional intelligence quotient several parts, 'southwest campus management district, according to the marketing teaching Jiang Xiaoyun retail industry has long been interpreted as well versed in hospitality industry, with skills development and innovation generally it doesn't matter, more the lack of data analysis and decision to create technology. Retail enterprises are lack of clear intelligent intelligent decision, active innovation, insufficient awareness employers intact and hold the employer system, etc. Jiang Xiaoyun reiterated that The Times call 'retail innovation'. In law school of Beijing social campus agent teachers Wei Hang view, new retail NO1 mainly reflects on the Internet caused by the change of the field, and makes up a Courier, information and capital varies, but now new retail has motivated the second half, mainly reflected in the globalization, the advantages of small and fixed as sale change, for convenience, the demands of quality, Europe and the United States fan, feeling as needs change and mobile Internet, such as standard medical varies as the symbol of high-tech. Wei Hang in detail, through the standardization of the goods in progress and requirements of timeliness, varies in the form of retail and should be to investigate several where: new style type distribution shop, new style feel shopping supermarkets, vending machine supplier/of personnel with online retail distribution shop. 'Some of our products are high standardization progress, relatively high real-time demand in the retail, can fully automatic vending direction fusion in the future, by the vending machine suppliers, services or technology such as the personnel distribution shop. While Internet sales is mainly concentrating on real-time demand is not high, product standardization progress of high retail category. 'Vending machine suppliers, retail value-added energy is based on user demand in the future, with support of skills online and offline integration of new retail,' longyan city business development center professor Huang Yu reiterated that the entity marketing and online trading is not contradictory, standard found two curve gradually smooth, show fusion, another entity marketing in exploring new life grade potential, especially service or technical grade life, experience life class with smart diversification, differentiation consumption experience have very distinct advantages in saturated current keywords for: fashion style blind f gift bag machine machine pumping machine sheet metal production workshop on 6 a: vending machine what brand is good, a new direct marketing has entered the second
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