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The vending machine sells more than just a drink

by:Haloo      2021-02-24
In essence, drinks vending machine is not the so-called 'new retail', but the brand under the background of urbanization the effective ways to expand channels. In recent years, because of the population, consumption, media, Internet, competitive disadvantage factors such as integration and empathy, procter & gamble, Coca-Cola, nestle, master kong, wahaha fast at the international and domestic consumption giants have undergone a fraud. Sales continue to decline. A growing number of fast moving consumer goods companies are actively expand new channels, especially the self-construction of the vending machine industry and direct control. In 2015, including the farmer mountains and rivers, brand enterprise first deployed across the country. Until 2017, the farmer mountain belongs to the vending machine size break through more than 10000 sets, set up and operate the professional division. Wahaha invest 2 billion won in 2016 set up its own national retail terminal shops, by 2017, wahaha deployed across the country more than 12600 vending machine, sales at a faster rate than the whole industry. Recently it is reported that a unified control mainland will speed up the deployment of vending machine business, 4. 500 million won to expand the vending machine installation, creating new business growth point. In addition, want want, fine products, master kong, Jin Mailang FMCG enterprises have begun to form a 'individual business demonstration unit'. As you can see, FMCG enterprises layout automatically sales terminals to a certain extent, help the development of the brand. First of all, the vending machine is a mini supermarket '' 24 hours a day, cover an area of an area small, flexible network distribution, penetrates the corridor, such as subway station shops to enter space, effectively solve the entity retail rent rise, artificial cost, such as pain, has realized the real low costs. In addition to the advantages of cost savings and flexible layout, the vending machine is also unusual for the meaning of the channel expansion. In fact, fast food companies are currently deployed automatically sales terminals, look 'fresh air', but in fact is take the Coca-Cola's route of more than 80 years ago. Since 1934, the Chicago since the launch of coke vending machine, automatic sale terminal has become one of the global strategy Coca-Cola deployment. Has the most vending machines in Japan, a third of the vending machine with Coca-Cola logo. Coca-Cola is one of the best-known brands in the world. Just because do this at 4 o 'clock. You can see. Products and advertising) , you can listen to ( News and opinion) , you can buy ( Convenient channel) , you can buy ( Reasonable price) 。 Coca-Cola in global retail group deployment automatically at least can 'see' and 'can buy' two aspects. In this era of 'channel is king', a vending machine not only expand the product sales channels, and expand the product information advertising channels, and the latter makes more sense. Vending machine, in fact, as a product sales channels, profit ability is bad. Due to the high maintenance costs, high ratio of commodity, the relatively low probability of purchase, the vending machine itself profitability decline, the practical significance of the advertising communication is far greater than the vending machine. But in any case, the vending machine in the role of the channel is undeniable. Restaurants, office buildings, subway station, and even the corner, a vending machine may profit ability is limited, but the sales channels and transmission channel extends throughout the city. In essence, the vending machine is not the so-called 'new retail', but the brand under the background of urbanization of the effective methods to expand channels. Intelligence and the development of technology, and to some extent, provided the impetus for the development of the vending machine, but the flavor is the nature of the advancement of China's urbanization and infrastructure development.
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