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The vending machine on the subway station to make money?

by:Haloo      2021-02-24
The vending machine has entered China in 1996, no warmth, but since last December there are signs of recovery. Millions of people every year, there are also at a loss. The market is not saturated. Mainly depends on how you operate. I was 12 month last year. There are 5 vending machine. Major investment in first-tier cities shopping malls, movie theaters, tourist attractions, etc. Net profit of about 2 ~ 40000 yuan per month, the machine purchase costs 10000 yuan. So a to a month to return to this. According to the deployment location, you are dead or alive! Under the condition of the vending machine, determine your power of life and death is the placement of the machine. Before entering the line must choose good seat. Selection is not unilateral optimistic, but after on-site inspection, such as rent negotiate everything to do well. The standards of good position is stream, young man, high consumer price index. I just a job, in order to investigate a position, decided to observe the traffic and customer base to invest in for a week of attributes, in fact I am very keen powers of observation. At present, the main input 1, 2 cities, it is not recommended to 3 line to the city below, the price can't sell, buy also not much. Placement in the shopping mall, cinema, tourist attractions, the gym, airports, high-speed and other selected, subway station, school, office building is not recommended. Of course, these places is not as good as you think. If has nothing to do with relationships, general sightseeing, airports, high-speed railway station is difficult to place the vending machine. Once this several investment, you can prepare a lot of money.
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