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The vending machine of cold storage

by:Haloo      2020-11-21
Believe that by so many article, before everyone to the vending machine is to understand somewhat, and an article to introduce the author on some small knowledge about vending machine maintenance, this article will tell you the vending organ in the refrigeration function of pattern classification: the first category, refrigerated vending machine, this machine is a professional refrigeration type machine, it has the function of the whole refrigeration. Not only can be modulated to 3 - temperature 7 degrees, its refrigeration system also can control independently. The machine can sell a variety of needs served chilled drinks, dairy products, etc. And the machine also has a large area of double vacuum belt heat defrosting function of toughened glass, can be intuitive display, to facilitate customers to use. The second, half of refrigeration vending machine, this machine is generally for the common area at the top, and the lower layer for cold storage. It perfect implementation of the common models and refrigerated type 1 + 1 & gt; The meaning of 2. The third kind, ordinary vending machine, which belongs to the market on the most common kind of models without refrigeration system. The machine is suitable for selling the goods without refrigeration, and wins in lower cost, so the price is low. If you see this article you are interested in the vending machine, also want to invest in, welcome to consult us, we will provide you with the most professional opinion, avoid you many detours.
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