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The vending machine is put in what position the business good?

by:Haloo      2020-11-13
The vending machine is put in what kind of site business good? Science and technology of the vending machine, automatic vending machine can put scenario: hospitals, schools, railway stations, scenic areas, building site, square, community, etc many scene! Actually city pedestrian street is a good place for pedestrians. There are a lot of people will be walking to walk through a vending machine and produce purchase behavior, hospitals, schools, railway stations, scenic areas, building site, square, parking lot, underground parking, underground subway station, hotels, beaches, and shopping mall is put some of the best locations, because someone walking through these places, the appearance of the vending machine is also must be attractive enough, the appearance will attract people to buy one of the factors. If we choose to have a visual impact or concise air equipment, when you put them on the location, will attract more customers. In our experience, put in these places for mineral water, carbonated drinks, tea beverages, and chewing gum and cigarette vending machines, and so on will be a good choice. Second, the other is for a better way to put the location where people have to wait for a long time or a place to stay for a long time. Because they feel bored or have nothing to do, so they will be interested in the vending machine or buy trend, these places easy for vending machine products provide a good selling. Where is the place where people can wait for a long time? Beauty salons, barber shops, auto service centers, bus stops, train stations and airports. If you put in the following position in these areas can generate more revenue. Near the chair, rest area, the smoking area. These parts will be more likely to stay so and wander and customers the opportunity to become a vending machine. Like coffee, cigarettes, mineral water, candy and newspaper vending machine sell well in these locations. Finally, put a good location is a place where people like stopped, such as travel need to stop or must stop. If you can put your vending machine is put on these places, is also a great choice, even if the consumer is not really need or can see from a distance, also can produce very good effect. This kind of places are mainly wild camp, gas station, train station, parking place and have dinner. In a place like this to try to choose bright vending machine: in our experience, from machines are usually located in these areas is the lion's share of the sales from night until midnight this period of time, so at that time let you look more attractive to the vending machine will be a better choice. In these places sell good things ranging from soft drinks, coffee, cigarettes, condom products similar to the bathroom toothbrush, toothpaste and toilet paper, thin yarn fabrics, diapers and sanitary napkins, and so on. Xi 'an intelligent technology co. , LTD. , 22 branches across the country, the whole 3 years warranty, life-long after-sales service, 24 hours after-sales service, the vending machine national hotline:
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