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The vending machine is often out of order and maintenance methods

by:Haloo      2020-11-13
A, vending machine card with cargo to spiral spring. The spring rotation when the machine is shipped to goods produced extrusion, extrusion pressure, there are also positive oblique extrusion pressure under the action of forward extrusion goods easily flopping, or even fall. This will lead to commodity card under the arrival of the goods ( Under the spring) ; Under the action of oblique extrusion pressure will increase goods and goods to the friction between the two sides guard board, when the friction is bigger to the normal goods can't shipment. Solution: first take out the stuck goods, and then enter the page of the vending machine management 'fault' choose clear card goods in fault. And in the future operation of goods put make a corresponding change, mainly is the size of the main items as far as possible consistent with the arrival of the goods size, not too small cannot is greater than the arrival of the goods more spring plug size! Second, the vending machine is out of goods, don't change. Lead to this situation is the main reason: 1, the change in no change; 2, change with the change can be in the system change the default number is zero; 3, change the card currency; 4, paper dust were too severe. Solution: 1, make up the change; 2, enter the page of system management, check whether last after filling the change wasn't record ( Part of the vending machine to fill after the change need to manually add input into the change number) , if the quantity is zero, please modify; 3, open notes to take out the stuck of currency; Four, dismantled notes for brush carefully and carefully remove dirt and send back to the factory to clean up. Three, vending machine input change, change instead to enter the change in deposit money zone. The problem is mostly due to the paper money system error ( For a long time failed to shut down a rest) 。 Solution: turn it off after three minutes into the boot system management page and then with a small stick deep reset button to reset the device a bill ( Insert small stick after holding down the reset button, will see a paper puts the lights went out and then lit it let go) Wait a few minutes after shutdown, restart again basically solve the problem! Four, vending machine of paper money or wouldn't light bright and dark, at the same time into the paper money machine, not to money. Most of such problems there are two possible: 1, due to paper memory some foreign body, 2, paper, iron box didn't installed. Removal solution: open notes, after the shutdown, it is ok to install the machine shuts off power supply to iron cashbox is ok! Five, sweep the yard pay success is not shipment solution: this is caused by unstable signal, find out the pull outside sell cargo aircraft detection signal.
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