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The vending machine is money?

by:Haloo      2020-11-13
The vending machine is money? As people life rhythm speeding up and the development of mobile commerce, vending machines, as a kind of convenient and fast moving business tools, usher in new opportunities in China. All over the country raised a hot wave of use vending machine, attracted more and more entrepreneurs into the industry, the profit pattern of the vending machine is more and more become the focus of attention. The paper mainly discusses the profit pattern of the vending machine and research, summed up the relevant profit model and the future direction of the vending machine industry was discussed. ( Key words] The vending machine; Profit pattern; FMCG vending machine profit mode is simple, the most direct profit model is do retail, like small shops selling profits, snacks, drinks to make profits but vending machine on the more flexible than those small shops, there are a lot of people park, square, school teaching building library hall hall under the dormitory building, hospital, subway, railway station waiting room and other places can be; There is an additional profit within the way is advertising business profits, is on the big screen, let the vending machine play all kinds of advertising, the market is also considerable.
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