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The vending machine how to choose a delivery point and its influence factors - Since the

by:Haloo      2020-11-13
As people life quality promotion, vending machines, as a kind of new retail automation technology services, methods of the save Labour when the province, has become people daily life indispensable part of life. Edit SouTu vending machine for science and technology, especially in recent years, along with the information technology of the continuous transformation, the role of the vending machine is also more and more strong, the first is the mode of payment, cash, the bank on the net, the third party payment platform such as convenient and quick, the future payment AI face recognition effect is likely to also will prevail; In addition, the vending machine sell products is also more and more, from a single drink, characteristics snacks to fresh food, fast food boxes, freshly squeezed juice contour requirements product categories. Vending machine depends on everyone can easily get the advantages of the product, therefore, besides do a good job in selling the machine's own service projects, the part of the vending machine set is mainly considered; So, open a shop location elements and what? Shop location first, abortion should consider the first element is: abortion wants enough home placed vending machines, large areas of induced abortion, deal with contact the customer the more, and if one device over it in front of 10000 people per day, per 100 population will have buy 1, 10000, 100 copies sold in daily. In turn, in areas where abortion is less sales also decreased. Secondly, considering the consumer group must pay attention to investigation group near the level of wages and spending power, reasonable layout of the promotion of products. Ease of improving regional vending machine shop location should be near the customer actively, convenient customer get the goods quickly; That area is most of the residents living area, such as residential quarters, school, hospital outpatient service, the subway station, office building, etc. No matter where equipment is placed in a category, must operate in your maintenance category, ready for the good of each device, overhaul interval manipulation and time, the cost management. Described three aspects about the inductively combed the vending machine shop location of the key points, but the actual details still have to in-depth analysis, in general, it is to find a suitable place, is indeed to spend a lot of energy as a general rule, we can choose from the following several aspects to address. Chicken shop: it is best to pick, because customers are in the region for some items' brain '! ( 2) Around campus: young people is more, under the action of progesterone, menstrual period has great desire! The use of the floating population is concentrated, so look around and age level, average age larger concentration of population, reason is when the elderly is not easy to the vending machine or loathe to give up application, so it is best to choose the younger crowd gathering place! In fact in the case of 1, 2 points, if came to 17 years, sales market is likely to be already saturated, so the chicken shop and school nearby, when the beginning of the vending machine was occupied by the fashion, if today you just begin to do, is likely to be difficult to make money. If people see others make money, so much trouble will be decisive in the sales market, lead to all the price of the sales market disorder, the least is that before you visit a local survey on a two hundred - meter long street community appeared three adults equipment store, smooth, and selling, the greater the fact will be less money! So they set up shop in site selection, please follow as much as possible in open entity shop around 500 meters without similar stores. If now ready to start doing the adult store this, or have a passion for floating population is relatively centralized areas, guys differentiation of areas: the local demolition area, the regional rents are low, second is the application of population more areas. ( 2) Surrounding the processing factory, the population density distribution is very big, if it is a processing plant, especially the traditional contract, broad worker degree is low, the other is young people, have higher provisions on some level. But the proposed industrial production is more centralized. Such as the location is good, proposal as far as possible only settle down in a certain region, second population is concentrated. ( 3) Night market street business square, Nightlife culture) , subway station ( Floating population) Peripheral described above is my simple introduction in detail, if you also want to master the other can care about you, or dial your phone, leave your phone, we will respond to you immediately. 【 About our 】 Technology is a vending machine business. With more than 200 square meters of vending machines manufacturing research and development base, after-sales service all over the country provinces, more than 600 cities above the county level in the country to establish a customer service center, sales and after-sales service response at any time, 24 hours door-to-door service for free if needed.
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