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The vending machine how to choice, need to consider?

by:Haloo      2020-11-21
When investors in choosing the vending machine, because a lot of no contact, what spring machine, serpentine, caterpillar, addressing machine, snack vending machine, fresh cold vending machines, grid cabinet, etc. , and model how to distinguish, so the vending machine is how to choose, what need to consider? The author, combined with some problems common to everyone listed below, so that everyone in the choice when the vending machine for your reference. Before starting to choose the vending machine, the first thing to do the determination of selling goods, for example, is selling drinks, snacks, snacks + drinks, fresh vegetables, adult supplies, etc. , after confirm the good product, we only use the vending machine selection can query accordingly. 1. The vending vendors would choose the vending machine the high-speed development of the industry, many small companies informal enterprises into them, then pick a regular vending vendors would is the primary problem, which is related to you the quality problem of the machine, and after-sale service guarantee, because this was not just one-time business, later also about a lot of after-sales and upgrade the problem. Avoid late your machine is still in use, but manufacturers have already can't find, equivalent to your machine is lost. 2. Vending machine the prices of the vending machine price is all buyers comparison pay attention to the problem, the manufacturer of different prices are different, but if only care about the price, a penny a points goods, Chinese people have a sentence for any industry anything yes, because he is about the price of the product quality and the use of spare parts, these things often determines the life and failure rate of a machine, so when trying to choose the price above a certain reference for several more, do more comparison. 3. The basic configuration of vending machine 3. 1 safety quality of all steel fuselage plate can make the more durable, robustness and security machine to extend the service life. Adopt double-layer tempered glass window, jiaobi generally the vending machine on the market more sturdy, insulation more environmental protection. Custom GPRS surveillance camera anti-theft alarm system, can realize remote monitoring, alarm, monitoring, video, and other functions. 3. 2 aisle configurations can be conducted according to the requirements of selling aisle parameter configuration, ensure the normal sales process, not a card goods less failure. Above the choice of the aisle, you can refer to the following way to choose aisle s-shaped accumulation, selling drinks, snacks daily necessities to choose aisle spiral spring, caterpillar aisle or more grid cabinet, can guarantee the aisle BuKa goods shipment. Can contact the custom at the same time, according to the demand, aisle configuration parameters. 3. 3 payment pay treasure, now the mainstream WeChat combination of multiple payment and cash to adapt to each stage of ages. Also includes some specific notes original paper coin change, automatic cycle change, BuKa chao, double magnetic identification paper money, counterfeit money. 3. 4 intelligent temperature control by energy-saving compressor, refrigeration and low energy consumption, low noise, power saving, greatly reduces the operating costs. 4, machine match late cloud platform system and technical support need to know whether the manufacturer provides a cloud platform can undertake machine of system management, including the daily sales operation data, fault usage and so on, convenient operation, greatly reduces the operating costs. After-sales service link is related to the vending machine for a long time operation, small vendors on after-sale link support most disconnect, cannot provide perfect after-sales support, resulting in failure of the machine for a long time affect operations. So choose a good enterprise, is also a good choice in long-term technical support and services.
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