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The vending machine contrast what are the advantages of traditional vending machine?

by:Haloo      2020-11-22
Everyone understands the vending machine is developing rapidly in recent years, also more and more appear in people's field of vision, such as common drink vending machine, comprehensive products and snacks, smoke, drink vending machines, selling fruit, bento lifting crawler vending machine. So here the author according to the function of the vending machine is divided into two categories: the traditional vending machine and automatic vending machine. The vending machine contrast what are the advantages of traditional vending machine? A payment, the traditional vending machine can only collect COINS, and the vending machine is can sweep yards pay phone support, WeChat/pay treasure to pay it. Second, the system management of the traditional vending machine can't connected to the Internet, can only use the most simple hand account sales data statistics, low efficiency and not easy to manage. If a person manage several machines simultaneously, so on the replenishment can only go to the blind. And now the vending machine can take advantage of the intelligent management system, to check the goods sales situation in time, day parameter, the parameter is automatically generated, facilitate timely view adjust replenishment of goods. Three traditional vending machine, intelligent monitoring need personal time to troubleshoot the problem, if there is no specialist maintenance, many failure problems can't be settled in time machine, can affect operating income. Vending machine can be monitored in the background, such as a fault will be the first time remind operators handled in time, greatly reduces the vending machine fault, leading to damage. Four, shopping experience the traditional vending machine can only through the button to select the goods and then pay cash, but there are a variety of ways, including a touch screen to choose goods, sweep the yard, there is a shopping cart function can choose a more goods. From the shopping experience above got big improvement.
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