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The vending machine company to stay contactless distribution problems

by:Haloo      2021-02-14
Until February 20, 15, national total report diagnostic medical record of 74677 cases, now also have a diagnosis of 56223 cases. Let everyone in an uneasy. Even then, the company also started, China's economic development trend, we can continually return to work in big cities, open the way to work, in order to deal with the worker dining and shopping, automatic vending machine product research and development of touch to reduce the new vending machine boost public dog parvovirus infection! 2020 sudden epidemics of disrupting this to resist diseases spread trend of the Spring Festival, the facade to shut down, to prevent agglomeration, many customers choice eating take-away meals, but in this kind of situation is not optimistic, take-away meals staff are not into the company's business building, be sure to introduce 'no touch to send. Resume work coming tide, a large number of workers to jobs, to deal with this is not optimistic this in an enormous take-away meals asked people how security meal into a key problem! 'there is a hot, send a spectral' high and new technology as a service project for thousand times of intelligent manufacturing system, never forget their purpose of the enterprise and social development as the bear! Since diseases produce the cabinet high-tech personnel have been paid close attention to the development trend of the diseases, immediately respond to the demands of the masses, clearly put forward the solution, reduce the new intelligent vending machine boost public dog parvovirus infection, with many in the vending machine and drinks, snacks, fast food boxes full processing worker dining difficulties! Only when he has to stock up on equipment to carry out disinfection sterilization. No one fully automatic vending machine this equipment can ensure 'buy something without touch, avoid touching the status of the secondary infection and gathering dinner. Sweep the code before the payment of workers need to independent to the device, pick up the goods, the whole process of only a few seconds, reduces the population agglomeration and secondary infection. Device heating anti-bacterial effect, prevent the food gets cold, and its secondary infection, reasonable critical period to ensure production safety, and the degree of customer experience! Naturally, this will make many worker in an very little to go out, in order to deal with the worker snacks, drinks, no one vending machine also can sell snacks, drinks and fast food boxes and other fast-moving consumer goods, processing clerk, reduce the difficulties of the problem of touch each other! One-stop service can let staff shuxin work, safe, profitable company, perfect, so to speak. Can for the company must be various, such as disinfection sterilization sprayer, & 360 deg; No blind area of the body to carry out disinfection sterilization. To reduce the new dog parvovirus infection! Current keywords for: sheet metal laser cutting machine production workshop leasing system. 1 a: masks self-help vending machine can become hot style in 2020
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