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The vending machine automatic drink cola soda vending machine refrigeration

by:Haloo      2020-11-14
The largest production base of the vending machine, world-class factories, factory direct sale, selling drinks, food, bottled, canned, capacity is about 300, customizable qr code, delivery goods, pay treasure to pay pay, IC card and other payment unionpay flash key features: adopt international MDB standard design, in line with the international standard of DEX, can support various international standard peripherals. May receive notes, COINS and coin change function. * can be customized paper change. IC card can be custom * * shipment, mobile payment, credit card or other payment way. 232 computer serial port control machine support. Large area glass window display, merchandise display intuitive, easy to use * * built-in 7 inch LCD screen. ( Supports MP3, WAV, MP4, MEPG, JPG, music, pictures and video file playback, support U disk, CF card and MMC memory card data broadcast. Explosion proof, dustproof, waterproof, luminous full metal keyboard. Low at the same time sell a variety of small food and refrigeration canned, bottled, cartons, bags and other beverages, commodity applicability is wide and high economic benefits low microcomputer control system with intelligent data query, statistics, accounting, management functions such as fault self diagnosis; Goods aisle size can change at any time, the flexibility to adapt to different sizes of all kinds of goods; Low temperature stratification. Cargo pallets can be set temperature stratified according to the need of customers. Machine scalable networking, may at any time of cluster self-help sales network; Refrigeration system using R134a has a refrigerant, in line with international green environmental protection requirements; Low power lost protection function, memory function. Low optional shipment inspection system low temperature inside machine with digital display. Cold storage temperature can be set. * * can set the timer switch machine. Leakage protection function. Low body materials: all steel structure, strong and durable. * * GPRS wireless remote background management system. 。 ●*。 PTC heating system. ( Note: * is a standard configuration) The above models are accept customer non-standard custom and modified. Technical indicators: items; 60 species ( / can/bottle/boxes/flexible packaging) Food reserves; About 300 cold storage temperature: 4 ℃ - - 25℃( Adjustable) ; Installation dimensions: 1900 X1180X820mm; Weight: 300 kg
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