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The vending machine and the market foreground? ?

by:Haloo      2020-11-13
The vending machine readable is to make the customer from the supermarket consumption transformation to online consumption. In real life the vending machine has spread to every corner, vending machines, with its open 24 hours a day, no one guards, the advantages of convenient and quick welcome by consumers. Also there are a lot of people in the industry, so, in the Chinese market? ? Let's look at the. In Japan, more than 100 million people have ten thousand more than 500 various types of vending machine; More than 300 million people in the United States, also has more than 500 ten thousand vending machine; More than 700 million people in Europe, with nearly 4 million vending machine. In China, more than 20 ten thousand 1. 4 billion people only have vending machine, can be seen from this set of data, in foreign countries, the vending machine was close to saturation, the industry in our country the vending machine is in growth period, the future development space is huge. Unattended vending machine cost advantage is gradually revealed, vending machine market rapid growth over the past few years. Today, alipay, WeChat payments such as wireless payment gradually popularization, reduced because of a shortage of COINS and coin equipment failure caused by the outage cost. The vending machine market is expected in the future, China will continue to rise. The vending machine main business: adult supplies the vending machine ( Single cabinet, wall units) Drink video integrated vending machine ( See product display) Vending machines are all support pay treasure and WeChat payment, payment for goods directly into personal accounts, convenient and safe. One-to-one after-sales, fault timely treatment, if necessary, the door handle. ( Hebei around 24 hours arrived at the scene, 72 hours of long-distance arrived) Can be customized according to the customer. Hotline:
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