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The vending machine and distribution pattern of promising!

by:Haloo      2021-01-22
Recently, there is no food and beverage retail has become hot spot, both traditional retail enterprises and Internet enterprise, begin to enter the field of retail wisdom. Retail hardware for wisdom arises at the historic moment, and put into practical application. These devices are designed to promote the operation efficiency of merchants and optimize customer shopping experience! And the vending machine and express distribution pattern in recent very hot, like a hungry? Use the self-help medicine machining marki collocation, for half an hour to send door to door service, consumers can choose online order need drugs, near marki will begin immediately delivery! A lot of people think that there is no retail mode has been advanced, but for lazy people meet consumer experience of be particular about economic, lazy retail is probably no premium. In the eighth floor of the residential area, if you don't want to go out to eat also don't want to eat myself last night, so he ordered take-out on the platform, but you found that demand and drink again, this time through the the vending machine to speed up the delivery can meet your demand. As long as received orders through the online platform, marki will enter pickup code in a vending machine, get the corresponding goods, again through the delivery of a kilometer range, the whole process only takes 15 minutes as soon as possible. At present this kind of convenient service has rolled out a part of the community in Beijing, Shanghai, transportation with closed supply chain, and some fruit and vegetables, fresh, rice grain and oil and other commodities have, more than the average convenience store items. In addition, the goods on the shelf approached will automatically from the shelves, the shelf life compared with the traditional convenience store chain more accurate!
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