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The vending machine aisle various advantages and disadvantages compared

by:Haloo      2020-11-20
With the development of economy, the progress of technology, more and more the vending machines in schools, factories, subway, hospitals and other places of each big, artificial intelligent self-service is the development trend of various industries, retail industry is no exception. The vending machine on the market has a lot of kinds, have drinks vending machines, snack vending machine, fruit and vegetable vending machine, dairy products vending machine, general merchandise vending machine, and so on. Although the vending machine has been for many years, but technology and market maturity is only in recent years. Modern vending machine can say are smart vending machine, not only support such as COINS, cash can also support WeChat, mobile payment, alipay, baidu wallet can even support unionpay card, employee card, student card and other credit card to pay, in addition to can remote monitoring, do not need to operating personnel to the scene to personally know the vending machine operating data. Above all sorts of function not only greatly facilitate the people in the vending machine to buy things, also convenient for businessmen vending machine operation. Vending machine type is more, the function is complete, but they use the aisle are numbered and are the most common aisle, caterpillar aisle, spiral spring has advanced s-shaped accumulation aisle, and the ark of the lattice of cluster. Below I will simply say about the advantages and disadvantages of the aisle. An aisle, spiral spring, spring spiral aisle is earlier appear in the aisle of the vending machine, in this way has simple structure, etc. , can be selling items are common snacks, daily necessities and other small commodities, can also sell bottled drinks. Advantages: low cost, can sell more items. Disadvantages: selling bottled drinks easy card goods, replenishment trouble, need to have the goods way out and then put the goods carefully one by one put up, put bad will increase the rate card goods. Second aisle, caterpillar crawler aisle aisle is spring, an extension of limit is more, suitable for selling goods with a fixed packaging, it is not easy to fall. Advantages: can sell short the canned beverages, short boxed snacks, lunch boxes, and other goods can stand firm. Faults: can't stand steady goods can't sell all ( As long as a commodity down like dominoes one down a whole aisle) , replenishment trouble, need to have the goods out and then put the goods carefully one by one put up, hold up time. Three, s-shaped stacking cargo way ( Also known as the snake aisle) S-shaped aisle stacking is specifically for drinks vending machine developed special aisle, can sell all kinds of bottled and canned drinks ( Canned rice porridge can also) , layer upon layer inside drinks in the arrival of the goods, relying on its own gravity drop shipment, not card goods, delivery port is controlled by electromagnetic body. Advantages: drink layer upon layer high space utilization; Large capacity and can sell drinks variety; Determines the not easy card goods shipment mode; Substantial and durable long life; Replenishment is simple, the beverage directly to throw across the line, replenishment speed, low operation cost. Disadvantages: complex, difficult to design processing, high requirement, the general enterprise can't production, the manufacturing cost is high. Four, many different lattice grid cabinet, cabinet door ark of cluster is a kind of grid, each grid has a separate door and control mechanism, each grid can put a commodity can also be put inside a set of goods. Advantages: you can sell all kinds of goods ( No packaging, shape is not fixed, size larger, complete sets of plans and so on all can) , simple construction, lower manufacturing costs. Faults: hold less quantity, low space utilization. Several it aisle of the vending machine, and each aisle has disadvantages and advantages, we should according to their own selling goods to choose corresponding aisle vending machine. If it is selling drinks, it must have to choose the s-shaped accumulation aisle drink machines; If it is selling snacks, have to choose the aisle spiral spring or crawler aisle snack vending machine; If it is a complicated shape or some packages, the grid cabinet is the best choice.
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