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The value of vending machines, vending machine manufacturers

by:Haloo      2022-04-14
The value of vending machines and the market value of vending machines by vending machine manufacturers We all know that vending machines have become more and more popular in recent years, and there are beverage vending machines with snake-shaped cargo lanes that sell bottled and canned beverages , There are general merchandise vending machines with spring spiral cargo lanes for snacks and daily necessities, as well as crawler vending machines with lifts for selling fruits and vegetables and lunch boxes. What are the operational advantages of investing in such a vending machine? The market value of vending machines 1. Reduce labor costs: no need for manpower, 24 hours of operation, and management is more convenient. Through the Internet, vending machines placed in various places can upload sales data to the back-end server in real time , the vending machine administrator can check the status and sales data of each machine anytime and anywhere through the background account, and bring the corresponding products to replenish the out-of-stock machines according to the out-of-stock prompt. The vending machine administrator can manage many machines at the same time, the efficiency is high, and the labor cost is naturally reduced! 2. Reduce operating costs: The powerful IoT cloud service platform supports real-time monitoring of commodity inventory and operating conditions, and operators can plan replenishment and equipment maintenance. The market value of vending machines 3. Reduce the cost of points: small footprint, flexible point distribution, can penetrate into the corridors, subway stations and other hard-to-enter spaces. Expand advertising value: Vending machines can be used as a natural advertising media source to further tap the value of offline traffic and have considerable advertising value. Moreover, the Internet intelligent vending machine can be equipped with a large touch screen and can play advertisements. For example, when it is placed in places with high traffic such as stations, airports, subways, squares, etc., the income brought by advertisements is still very high. 4. Expand online value: offline consumption through mobile payment, automatically attract fans, and divert traffic to online; online consumption, offline pickup; online points, offline redemption. The market value of vending machines In addition to the advantages mentioned above, vending machines can also output a huge data system for crowd and commodity analysis after operating for a long time, which can not only be used to optimize sales. The operation of cargo aircraft can also be used as a data guide to control the new cost of all vending machines in the future. The ultimate goal of increasing revenue and reducing expenditure is the profit margin obtained. I believe this reason is not difficult to understand. According to the current market map of vending machines and the development of the new retail industry, vending machines will be a hot product in the next 3-5 years, and will become more and more popular in first-tier cities to second-tier and third-tier cities and even the whole country. Overall, the trend of intelligent vending machines is unstoppable and cannot be ignored. It will greatly change product sales, supply chain management, user experience, and advertising business.
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