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the simple vending machine hack that led people to choose healthier snacks

by:Haloo      2019-10-12
A new study shows that 25 seconds can vary when you try to make a decision between twizzler and trail mix.
Researchers found that people made healthier choices on vending machines when a short time delay.
Machines that install this technology in schools and workplaces may lead to healthier snacks without affecting sales, the authors say.
Brad Appelhans, a clinical psychologist and lead author at the Center for Prevention at Rush University, said the demand for \"healthy vending machines\" is huge --
However, the complete removal of junk food from the machine will lead to unsatisfactory customers and loss of profits.
In seeking better solutions, Appelhans and his colleagues focus on how machines suppress their most unhealthy choices --
Let people wait, for example.
\"We have long known that there is a correlation between the delay before you get the award and how much it has affected your decision,\" Appelhans said . \".
\"The longer you wait, the less desirable it will be.
Appelhans continued: \"This is because humans have a strong preference for instant gratification.
In terms of diet choices, this means that junk foods with high sugar content and high fat content tend to win.
\"The health benefits of choosing healthy foods are usually not achieved for many years, and you choose to eat delicious donuts that will be paid off immediately,\" Appelhans said . \".
\"If we can postpone junk food to a healthier choice, we are actually using the principle of delayed satisfaction in turn.
In their study, researchers deployed experimental vending machines for about 14 months in three locations, during which more than 32,000 of snack sales were recorded.
Some machines work properly while others build a 25-
The second delay classified as unhealthy snacks.
To be considered healthy, a food must meet five of the seven criteria: less than 250 calories per food, less than 35% calories per fat, and less than 350 mg sodium per food, without trans fat, the saturated fat content of each food is less than 5% per day, more than 1 gram of dietary fiber per meal, and less than 10 grams of sugar per meal.
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In the delay scenario, the customer who selected the less healthy project got 25-
The second countdown, during which they are free to choose the health option for immediate delivery.
Early experiments have shown that 25 seconds is a sweet place, says Appelhans.
Long enough to change some people\'s minds, but not too long to annoy customers to the point where sales are compromised.
Intervention is effective for some people.
According to the location of the machine, delays resulted in a 2% to 5% increase in the proportion of purchases from healthy snacks, Appelhans said.
Considering 1.
He said there are 3 million vending machines across the United States, and that growth could have a significant impact.
The researchers also tested 25-
Less healthy items and 25-
A healthier discount.
These conditions also increase the proportion of purchases of healthy snacks, but the delay in time has the added advantage of not increasing consumer costs or reducing revenue, Appelhans said.
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This is what your body really wants you to eat, so this 25-
The second rule is to make healthier choices when you consider snack or meal choices?
Appelhans is skeptical: He says it is unlikely that this will work if there is no one or something to enforce a time delay.
\"Once you ask someone to play themselves
\"Under current control, it becomes more difficult,\" he said . \".
\"If they have the willpower to count to 25, it may not be difficult for them to make better choices right away.
However, researchers would like to look at the impact of time delays on food selection in other cases, such as fast food restaurants and online grocery stores.
Their current findings are published today at the annual conference and science conference of the Behavioral Medicine Association in San Diego, and have not yet been published in their peers
Review of Medical Journal
The team at Appelhans has applied for their technical patents and they want to find a business partner to bring their inventions to market.
\"Vending machines are the biggest source of high-tech.
Calories, nutrition
\"In the United States, bad food needs very much a strategy to make them healthier,\" he said . \".
\"We think it could have a significant impact, but first, we need the industry to get involved.
The article was originally about health.
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