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The product is king competition depends on the quality and brand

by:Haloo      2020-11-13
Since the vending machine to enter the Chinese market, was welcomed by the young people like to pursue fashion. Vending machines, many people choose the investment services provided by the vending machine has the characteristics of convenient, in the same quality of the premise, the price also control within the scope of the consumers to accept, with the continuous development of domestic economy, domestic consumption concept has also become modern and fashionable change, people always can chase can make it popular element, so the vending machine industry in China will gradually mature. How many stand out of his competitors, therefore, put forward the following advice for you, for your reference. First, adhere to the rational pursuit, achieve the fundamental value as professionals. Human history shows that in the face of complex environment, the more the more in the face of a difficult task, the more need to rely on reason and theory innovation, the concept of the need to play a leading role. General secretary of xi jinping, attaches great importance to the theory of value and function, for the 19th big at the provincial level in recent project class, he highly importance to the role of the theory, the theory of innovation and exploration, in adhering to the party's leadership role after the second. This shows that under the complex environment, theoretical innovation, grasp the essence and law of environment, is the core of the effective and scientific leadership characteristics. Second, rely on the rational, and actively play a strategic role and influence of the marketing function. Realistic marketing practice shows that a good enterprise's marketing, not simply to promote, but need marketing functions, better play to found the demands of consumers, to meet consumer demand, and forms the role of differentiated competitive advantage, therefore, marketing director, within the company, must rely on rational, positive play a strategic, global influence. Not only to sales management system, but also affect product research and development and the whole strategy, around the strategic key influence marketing decisions, such as play a positive influence, marketing foundation. Marketing professional manager should stand on the rational commanding heights, leading the company breakthrough and development; The third is to set up the marketing idea and leading ideas, system and scientific standards, including leading are prominent features. Rational in marketing competition, its core is to surpass competitors to overcome industries, it is based on the idea and standard relative advantage and leading, this is a striking feature of marketing science. And to do this, learning to know how it is a foundation, professional marketing manager, want to know the why, know the basis of their first so, really will know its first so standard, implement the employees responsibility and action at every level, relying on the marketing innovation, promote enterprise breakthrough and progress. Vending machines in north China as a collection of r &d production and sales as one of the adult supplies the vending machine manufacturers. Company has the abundant technical strength and strong manufacturing capacity, is China's self-help vending industry pioneer and manufacturing science and technology powerhouse. Line with the eu developed technology, to create the performance of the vending machine. Its unique design, superior quality and excellent performance, won the majority of new and old customers trust and respect. Main business: adult supplies the vending machine ( Single cabinet, wall units) Drink video integrated vending machine ( See product display) Vending factory direct sales, can be customized according to customer's requirements, details could consulting the:
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