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The process of realizing mobile payment for vending machines

by:Haloo      2023-03-29
In recent years, intelligent devices have emerged one after another, which has greatly promoted the development of Internet of Things technology. IoT technology has also been widely used in smart transportation, smart home, smart wearables, and shared devices. And what I want to talk about today is the application of the Internet of Things in the mobile payment of smart vending machines. What are the applications of the Internet of Things in vending machine mobile payment? Mobile payment is very complicated, and mobile payment can be divided into two parts, namely hardware and software. Hardware includes wireless communication system, control system, software includes payment system, management system. Using these system functions, vending machine merchants can manage the vending machines through the background management system. It includes editing and querying information such as the product name and price of the vending machine, so as to manage the products. Now merchants can set the relevant data of the vending machine, and customers can pay through Alipay and WeChat scanning payment systems, and then the vending machine system will send the data to the vending machine through network transmission according to the relevant instructions of the server. Since the vending machine has a wireless communication module, it can be sent to the control board after receiving the command, and then the control board will push the product to the user. If the vending machine wants to realize mobile payment, it must have a payment system and a management system. The payment system is that when the user scans the code to select the package, the vending machine will initiate a payment request to WeChat, Alipay and other systems. At this time, WeChat Alipay will be displayed on the user's mobile phone. When the user enters the password and the payment is successful, WeChat Alipay will return the payment success to the vending machine through the interface. After the system sends an instruction to the vending machine, the vending machine will push out the goods . The management system is that when the user pays successfully, the communication system will issue instructions and send them to the communication module, and then the communication module will send them to the control board, and the control board will push the goods out. In the process of being pushed out, the goods will be detected by infrared rays and fed back to the main board, and the communication module on the main board will return the transaction information to the cloud.
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