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The performance characteristics of automatic drinks vending machine and the installation location is introduced

by:Haloo      2020-11-18
In recent years, with rising labor costs, more and more companies choose to use automatic drink vending machines to sell drinks, but also for automatic beverage vending machine installation location don't understand, so what are the places suitable for installation of automatic drinks vending machine? And see it together. The following about the performance characteristics of 'automatic drinks vending machine and installation position' is introduced. 【 】 the development characteristic of automatic drinks vending machine In self-help vending industry, there have been more and more women supplies the vending machine. In order to attract more women, urban password makeup vending machine design a variety of distinct women-only vending machine. Now smart iot makeup vending machine to ensure that control to solve the traditional vending machine some disadvantages, and payment options is diversity. Provided there is different kinds of cosmetics and washing products, and selling imported cosmetics and washing products are people can it hot style and popular style, the price also than the same products to high quality and low price, shops operating cross-border electricity business policy, but also the guarantee of these goods. Is absolutely can't imagine that in 15 years ago. 1) In the United States, Britain, Japan, such as cosmetics vending machines in place or gathering places can be seen everywhere, some prosperous business district and even reached the point of every 200 meters a, people also loved and respected the convenient self-service shopping smart devices. These devices for the delivery of personal or business owners bring huge wealth benefits and interests. 2) Abroad cosmetics has occurred in the airport, subway, mall of the vending machine. The machine sold nearly 50 kinds of cosmetics, skin care products and perfume, best-selling covers: cosmetics, perfume, skin care products and travel kit. L 'oreal, chanel, Elizabeth arden, sephora brands are introduced. Flexible payment is also very convenient. 3) Think the foreign population is less than two over ten of the population of China have obtained great wealth, and this kind of cosmetics vending machine business model in the present market in China is still a blank, but in these two years of time can be an explosion, so finish first will win the market. 【 The functions and characteristics of the automatic drink vending machine, and the site selection 】 Refrigerated vending machine, the aircraft has the whole refrigeration function, temperature adjustable within 3 to 7 degrees Celsius, refrigeration system can control independently. Can also sell a variety of frozen drinks, milk products, snacks, fresh, vegetables, etc. Can have very good preservation effect, let a person to trust of food, the machine has a very large area of double vacuum belt heat defrosting function of toughened glass, display intuitive, customers easy to use. Ordinary vending machine, the aircraft without refrigeration system, can choose any way of delivery and payment. No refrigeration needed for selling all kinds of boxes, packaging bags of goods. Half of refrigeration vending machine, the aircraft for cold storage, a lower upper for common area, realizes the common models and refrigeration type 1 + 1 & gt; The function of 2. Vending machine on the smoking area in the factory canteen or rest area, bustling street, subway station, and so on are good options. Vending machine has the characteristics of a certain 'meager profit but high turnover' enterprise scale to a certain extent, determines the competitiveness and profitability. Larger enterprises, both to enhance its purchasing advantages of upstream suppliers, get low purchasing cost. And can play scale effect, reduce operating costs, save cost. More about 'the development characteristic of automatic drinks vending machine' and 'the function of automatic drinks vending machine features and site selection', hope to be able to let you know the performance characteristics of 'automatic drinks vending machine and installation position'.
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