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The outbreak, why choose vending machine business

by:Haloo      2020-11-13
During the Spring Festival in 2020, the new virus outbreak, I believe that disrupted the pace of all people, during the period of the outbreak, is there any income is not something that most people anxiety, anxiety is not cheating, I am no exception. Had a job income is good, but in terms of simple wage, and also a variety of each month after borrowing and spending, basic to zero. When doing this to no one shop, also want to be a sideline, increase a revenue. We started why want to do this to shop first consider is the following: 1. Why want to do a sideline, isn't it do? My answer is: if you don't do a sideline, wages are basically fixed, basic no extra pocket money, if you want to break through the existing wages, basically requires twice the current energy to create value for the company, but for the return of estimates in the existing basically can give rise to about 2000. So the excess energy on work up and increase their income is not I want results. But to live is to survive, I must want to revenue, so the side do not. 2. On the side of what is expected? Hope to bring me what kind of income. My answer is: it is a very clear digital, saturation degree, in the original time really can have a four and income, is basically satisfied. 3. What will it be ready? Do not good? This to the simplest problem: if ready, achieve their expected earnings, can have a better life, if do not good, the life also can maintain, that's all. So sure the above questions, consider what industry? Finally decided to make a vending machine, so make sure to do after I began to do his homework, the first step is to do market research, that is to see how other do. So spent a day weekend, stroll around there are about five or six home shop. The first thing is to see the environment, the function of the machine, sales of products. Finally summed up: 1. In every shop about 10 square meters of less than, because just put a few the vending machine, so the area is not very big. 2. Some stores the feeling is very neat and clean, some shops feeling about seven or eight channel 3. Each store has a different degree of empty tank phenomenon ( Personally think that this is an empty tank, after sales normal operation businessmen should not take things away after replenishment! ) 4. Container machine is basically the same, have a plenty of two cabinets, have a plenty of three ark. Well, said here today, just in my personal view, that isn't ripe in the the vending must be a market trend in the future. So I hope to have entered this line and is about to enter a reference, this line of friends have different experiences can discuss together.
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