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The operation of unmanned vending machines is actually very simple, the key is to look at these points

by:Haloo      2023-05-29
With the improvement of the economic level and the continuous upgrading of business models, more and more companies or individuals have begun to set foot in the field of unmanned smart retail, and various unmanned vending machines have sprung up in various places, such as beverage automatic After-sales machines, automatic coffee vending machines, freshly squeezed orange juice machines, automatic lunch boxes, automatic medicine vending machines, etc. Although the operation of unmanned vending machines seems simple, it still requires some professional knowledge. 1. First of all, the quality of the unmanned vending machine must be guaranteed, and the after-sales service of the vending machine manufacturer must keep up. If the machine breaks down frequently, it will not only delay business but also seriously affect the brand reputation. Because the failure rate is too high, the operator needs to run over to deal with it frequently, which is a waste of manpower and material resources, and customers will feel scruples when shopping on the machine or even stop shopping on the unmanned vending machine. You should know that the coverage of unmanned vending machines is very limited like physical stores, such as covering a community, several school dormitories or teaching buildings, a factory hospital, etc. Most places still rely on repeat customers for business. 2. If it is an intelligent networked unmanned vending machine, it is necessary to check the sales volume and out-of-stock quantity of each machine at a fixed point every day, and then replenish the goods regularly. It is recommended to upgrade to a machine that can be connected to the Internet. When you go to the site to check, in addition to replenishing the goods, you also need to check the wiring of the machine (whether there are small animals bitten, etc.) and the working status to see if there are any faults or hidden dangers, so as to find out and solve them early. 3. On the premise of spending less money, you can build a vending machine with your own characteristics, such as posting posters on the machine body or other designed appearance POP, so that the appearance of your machine is particularly conspicuous and beautiful, which can attract everyone's attention. It is also necessary to clean the appearance of the machine regularly. Wiping it clean will definitely arouse customers' desire to shop more than being disheartened. 4. Choose the right location. The nature of the unmanned vending machine is actually the same as that of the physical store. They are all for terminal retail. There is a difference that there is no need for a clerk to be on duty. Whether the selected location is good or not is largely determined. Can it be profitable. Therefore, before launching the machine, it is necessary to check the site and the surrounding environment. There are no competitive shops around, their business hours, types of goods sold and prices, as well as the flow and attributes of the surrounding people. Whether they are students, white-collar workers, or workers. For more complicated crowd flow, suitable products can only be selected after the location of the venue has been inspected. 5. Regular statistics and analysis of commodity sales, high-volume single-product profits are much greater than the arrangement share, low-volume single-product low-profit commodities reduce quotas or even remove them from the shelves, and constantly adjust the types of commodities according to seasonal changes, so as to ensure that no one sells The goods in the cargo machine are all needed by the surrounding people, and these can be analyzed from the sales report of the unmanned vending machine cloud background management system. 6. Handle customer complaints in a timely manner. A service complaint telephone number should be left in a conspicuous place on the vending machine. In the event of a jam or other situation, the customer can have a channel to respond, and then give the customer a refund or do other processing in a timely manner. Although the money involved is not much but Affects brand reputation. The unmanned vending machine is just a tool to help you sell goods. The cloud background and big data cannot convey the customer's shopping experience on it. If you have time, you can go to the scene to listen to the customer's opinions or suggestions. In many cases, face-to-face surveys are better than watching. Data reports are much more effective, because on-site communication can more intuitively detect customer experience.
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