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The new retail methods and skills the choose and buy of the vending machine

by:Haloo      2020-11-13
Into the field of intelligent vending machines, machinery and equipment selection is important. A good brand, such as: technology vending machines, equipment are of good quality equipment failure rate is low, not only more crucially after-sales maintenance services. Hardware and software quality is very good, can save a lot of maintenance costs, and improve work efficiency, improve business efficiency. So, which intelligent vending machine stronger? How to select intelligent vending machine famous brand? Here I'd take everyone to look at. Which one intelligent vending machine is better? The vending machine which has virtually no good or bad, only if they right themselves. When using the vending machine, can carry out the relevant market research. Buy the vending machine is a well-known brand, the first to master your settled by intelligent sales market in big cities. If a group of vending machine customer's standard of living can not improve, so you don't have to choose the kind of high-grade equipment, can't also don't have to choose to sell your items. In addition, you must research the selected brands have good reputation, are they suffered sales market is generally a warm welcome. As provisions immediately selected famous brand enterprises to produce simple intelligent vending machine sales data. If you don't know to choose which one, it is recommended that the consult the customer service management center of science and technology, we can explain for you, warmly welcome the consultation. How to choose science and technology of intelligent automatic vending machine? Many people to plan ahead into the field of intelligent vending machine in the past, in the type of machinery and equipment sales on the market do not understand, such as box machine, compression spring machine, door of caterpillar machines, bar code scanning qr code of all kinds of vending machines. Before choosing, you should first decision you need to do goods, such as snacks, fruits, which one is more suitable scan qr code to open close the vending machine. After sure, you can retrieve the scanner code related businesses, open the vending machine, then to develop an understanding of the basic on it. A, the vending machine price. Everyone is concerned about the price problem. Operators must not only pay attention to the price, and should pay attention to the service life of equipment. Sometimes the price difference is not big, but life difference is very big. Second, the quality of the vending machine. Checking plate to its thickness and selected raw materials. Heat insulation board is made to reduce cost materials, or choose the overall liquid foam technology, is using alipay WeChat cash register system, etc. Three, the equipment failure rate and mass loss rate? In the visit process, the company will try to grasp of the automatic control system, drive motor, etc all kinds of machinery and equipment. Four, if there are any cooling most intelligent vending machine has to be cooling. Adopt imported refrigerant brands? Protect the ecological environment? All this must be given in many aspects. To sum up, in choosing the vending machine must consider many, the elements of a warm welcome consulting technology. Please click on the lost
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