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The Importance of Big Data to the Future Market

by:Haloo      2023-09-12
The artistic conception of data in the past few years has gradually penetrated into our lives, and in the future data will have a great impact on all aspects of our lives. McKinsey was the first to propose the arrival of the era of big data:“Data has penetrated into every industry and business function area today and has become an important factor of production. People's mining and application of massive data heralds the arrival of a new wave of productivity growth and consumer surplus. Gartner gives this definition:“Big data is a massive, high-growth and diverse information asset that requires a new processing model to have stronger decision-making power, insight discovery power, and process optimization capabilities. Victor·Myerschönberger cited various examples in the book 'The Era of Big Data', all to illustrate a truth: when the era of big data has arrived, it is necessary to use big data thinking to explore the potential value of big data. One of the most classic cases is what Wal-Mart once did“beer and“Diaper Study: Walmart found in its research that one type of customer often buys beer along with diapers. The two seemingly unrelated categories of goods are actually caused by a social phenomenon. Many young couples and hostesses take care of their children at home, while the male hosts go to the supermarket to buy diapers, and usually buy some beer along the way. 1. Help companies improve the pertinence of marketing, reduce logistics and inventory costs, reduce investment risks, and help companies improve the accuracy of advertising; 2. Help cities prevent crime, realize smart transportation, and improve emergency response capabilities; 3. Help E-commerce companies recommend products and services to users, help travel websites provide tourists with their favorite travel routes, help buyers and sellers in the second-hand market find the most suitable transaction targets, and help users find the most suitable purchasing period, merchant and best price ; 4. Help medical institutions establish a disease risk tracking mechanism for patients, help pharmaceutical companies improve the clinical use of drugs, and help AIDS research institutions provide patients with customized drugs; Early warning, public opinion supervision. Data can often allow you to discover phenomena that seem irrational and illogical but exist and occur frequently. The above is the sorting out of the specific performance of big data in real life by Yimei Softcom. In the future, big data should be everywhere. Even if it is impossible to accurately predict the final form of human society that big data will eventually bring, I believe that the transformation of big data will not stop.
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