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The impact of the era of big data on people's lives

by:Haloo      2023-09-12
When it comes to big data, everyone is familiar with it. Even if you don’t know what it is, you will hear this word. Let me share with you today: 1. Big data technology can not only improve the efficiency of people’s use of data, but also It can realize the reuse and reuse of data, thereby greatly reducing transaction costs and enhancing the space for people to develop their own potential. 2. People can conduct holographic vertical historical comparison and horizontal real-time comparison of thing information at low or zero cost. Big data technology itself can not only be rapidly derived into an emerging information industry, but also can be linked with cloud computing, Internet of Things and smart engineering technology to support a new era of information technology. 3. Cloud computing technology can enable people to use all kinds of big data in a timely manner. The essence of the Internet of Things technology is the Internet where things are connected. The core and foundation of the Internet of Things is still the Internet, and its client end extends and expands to any item and item for information exchange and communication. Opportunities brought by the era of big data: 1. Social governance is the process of organizing, coordinating, guiding, regulating, and supervising social economic, political, and cultural affairs. It involves rational and effective allocation of social resources, such as providing education, culture, health, sports, social security and other social public services and public products, ensuring social fairness and justice; it involves ensuring social security and social stability through administrative and judicial means. 2. Innovating social governance is a major strategic task facing our country in response to social transformation, resolving social conflicts, coordinating interests, and maintaining social order. 3. Big data technology has become a powerful means to support scientific decision-making and accurate prediction of social governance through the rapid collection and mining of massive data, timely analysis and sharing, and has brought opportunities for social governance innovation in the period of social transformation.
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