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The hidden vending machines under the trend of new retail

by:Haloo      2023-05-26
Under the trend of new retail, the consumer retail industry has changed, and the concept of unmanned sales has swept every industry like a hurricane. The huge investment in new retail unmanned stores is not suitable for entrepreneurship. In addition to low consumption frequency and high customer acquisition costs, store rents, raw materials, and profit margins are constantly rising, and the trend of consumption upgrades Under the current situation, consumer demand is showing a trend of differentiation, and there are regional differences in unmanned stores, making it difficult to form standardization in the market, which is not a good direction for entrepreneurial choices. A good entrepreneur should be good at finding the general needs of most consumers from the differentiated needs. Vending machines are a type of new retail, not only common in the new retail industry, but also almost a must for starting a new retail business at a low cost. When something becomes necessary, the market will not be small. For individuals, choosing an excellent brand agent in the industry is more suitable for new entrepreneurs: 1. The barriers to entry are lower. As a mature vending machine manufacturer, it has built its own factory with more than 100 employees. If you start a business as an individual, you need to pay additional costs such as rent, raw materials, and labor. The entrepreneurial cycle is long and the return on capital is slow. As an agent, you can directly purchase goods and enter the market directly, making quick profits in a short period of time. Second, the risk is smaller. Compared with individual entrepreneurship, agents can directly skip the initial stage of entrepreneurship, and based on the brand's reputation in the industry and big data, timely adjust sales direction and change operation mode to better adapt to market changes. In a fixed offline area, cultivate old customer groups, gradually transform low-frequency into high-frequency, and effectively stimulate users to make repeated purchases. Unmanned vending is constantly being paid attention to, and vending machines are the initial model of unmanned retail. It is obvious that the vending machine industry is no longer silent this time, it is finally going to be popular! For the direction of entrepreneurship, we can guarantee to quickly enter the industry in a short period of time, seize this opportunity, and create more possibilities for ourselves.
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