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The future of the vending machine will be more smart!

by:Haloo      2021-01-26
As people life rhythm speeding up, now more and more consumers want to be able to quickly buy goods! Many companies want to vending machines to provide people with more convenient shopping service! In technology, under the drive of the development of domestic vending machine in recent years very rapidly, though still in the start-up phase, but growth is very clear! Now the automatic vending machine equipment more intelligent than in the past, those who have intelligence software and hardware of the vending machine is very powerful prove! For new type of vending machines, smart as to be able to interact and users of smartphones, the consumer's shopping record record, or special orders according to the needs of users! These devices also is a combination of machine learning and algorithm, and do better service for customers, some vending machines can even the be fond of according to consumer advice! Now the vending machine technology is continuous development and progress, careful observation, will find that the innovation in the field of ubiquitous keep pace with the development of machine learning and robot, has an impressive machine is set high threshold. Coca-Cola launched in the us, for example, the intelligent automatic vending machine has triggered a wave of market! The use of artificial intelligence software, the vending machine can provide users with a bot tool, and connect to the cloud, so as to realize the remote purchase! Father and VICKI and intelligent automatic vending machine, the function has more powerful of the vending machine, allows users through social media, fingerprints or iris scans to log in, can provide the product and advertising display, and according to consumer's purchase history advice! And technical giant Intel is also the development of related technology, they provide high definition display, rich graphics, and mobile phones to interact, such as ability, they promised that will lead to a more attractive shopping experience, using a variety of interactive and no cash!
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