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The future market trend of self-service vending machines is clear, and the prospect is self-evident

by:Haloo      2021-09-08
As we all know, Internet traffic is becoming more and more expensive, the cost of acquiring accurate users is getting higher and higher, and the growth of online users is becoming more and more difficult. In view of the high rent of offline stores and the high cost of opening a store, self-service vending machines, which are deployed in shopping malls and other places with high traffic, came into being. Self-service vending machines can operate 24 hours a day and support WeChat or Alipay payment, which can quickly and easily solve the needs of surrounding consumers to buy fast-moving consumer goods. Today, I will talk to you about the market behind offline self-service vending machines. The origin of the self-service vending machine: The self-service vending machine (Vending Machine, VEM) is a machine that can do self-service shopping based on the coin input. Self-service vending machines are commonly used equipment for commercial automation. They are not restricted by time and location, and can save manpower and facilitate transactions. Vending machines are a brand-new form of commercial retail, also known as 24-hour micro supermarkets. It can be divided into three types: beverage self-service vending machines, food self-service vending machines, and comprehensive product self-service vending machines. The history of self-service vending machines can be traced back to Egypt in ancient times. The Alexander scientist HERON described in his book that as long as coins are put into the device, water will flow out automatically. Modern self-service vending machines appeared in Western Europe or North America in the 1950s and 1960s. At that time, in the subway in the United States, people could buy a piece of gum on the self-service vending machine for 1 cent. With the development of the economy and people's continuous pursuit of a wealthy life, self-service vending machines have begun to spread rapidly. Self-service vending machine market scale: In addition to low cost, close to consumers, no manual duty, 24 hours operation, and many other advantages, self-service vending machines can also realize intelligent background management. In addition, the consumption scenarios for self-service vending machines are not only the well-known places with high crowds such as supermarkets, subways, stations, and airports, but also places where a large number of fixed crowds gather such as communities, schools, and office buildings. In the context of consumption upgrades, demand is increasing, especially in districts, schools, and office buildings. There is a huge market gap in the self-service vending machine market in these places. According to the prediction of relevant agencies, the sales of self-service vending machine channel market will reach 100 billion yuan in 2020. With the potential of self-service vending machines being discovered by more and more people, major operators and self-employed individuals have deployed self-service vending machine channels, and the overall market is also on an upward trend. The prospect of the self-service vending machine market is self-evident, and the real realization of the 100 billion market depends on the future market trend. It is predicted that in the next few years, the Chinese market will add 5.1 million automatic unmanned vending machines each year, and 400 million people in coastal cities will use automatic unmanned vending machines regularly, which has huge market potential. With the development of economy and the maturity of unmanned self-service vending machine technology, the market prospect of self-service vending machine will get better and better. Suitable for self-service vending machine product categories: 1. Convenience products Convenience products are more suitable for sale with self-service vending machines. Convenience products mainly include some beverages, snacks, mineral water, milk tea, etc. These are things that our consumers need daily, and the consumption cycle is short, and the repurchase rate is high. 2. Sex toys Due to its privacy, sex toys are generally not suitable for public sale in stores. Self-service vending machines are the best sales channel for sex toys. Consumers can get them quickly and easily regardless of the unusual eyes of the salesperson and the people around them. To the adult products you need. 3. Virtual service The hot mini KTV in the past two years is this kind of self-service kiosk sales form, but these self-service kiosks are selling KTV singing services, not physical products. Singing can be said to have become one of the most important pastimes for modern urbanites. With the improvement of people's living standards, this need for singing to express mood has become a common demand. The self-service kiosk can provide a miniature KTV place for singing anytime and anywhere to meet the fragmented singing needs of consumers. Self-service vending machine entrepreneurship: 1. Establish the role of the industry chain In the self-service vending machine industry chain, many roles have their own channels and directions for making money. For example, self-service vending machine manufacturers rely on wholesale machines to make money. With the development of the market economy, the demand for self-service vending machines will continue to increase. If they have strong funds, they can completely recreate a brand and enter this Wholesale self-service vending machines in the market. To determine your role positioning depends on the amount of team resources and funds you have. If you are an individual who wants to start a business, you can consider becoming a traditional individual operator and purchasing machinery and equipment from the factory according to your own planning. Then put some machines into shopping malls and other places with a lot of people. After a period of time, if you find that the income is good, then add more equipment. 2. Forming a team to do any entrepreneurial project requires a team with a clear division of labor. Even if it is a team of several people, it is necessary to divide the work tasks of these people. If we choose the role of traditional individual operators to start a business, we have to arrange the division of work. For example, who is responsible for purchasing machinery and equipment, who is responsible for the selection and negotiation of placement places, who is responsible for the purchase and replenishment of vending machine products, and so on. With the improvement of our living standards and the development of social economy, the new retail concept is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, offline store rents continue to increase, and the market demand for self-service vending machines will increase.
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