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The future development prospect of automatic medicine vending machine is unlimited!

by:Haloo      2021-03-15
Pharmacies, like hospitals, require 24-hour service, but almost no pharmacies now provide 24-hour service. One is because people don’t want to work overtime at night, and on the other hand, overtime also requires a lot of labor costs. Another point is that many people buy prescription drugs at night, which cannot be sold to customers according to regulations. In this case, the automatic medicine vending machine came into being, which can replace manual labor and complete the 24-hour medicine sales service. In the future, the work of supplying medicine at night must also be done by machines. Prospects for automatic medicine vending machines With the rapid development of artificial intelligence and the Internet, automatic medicine vending machines are very desirable in the eyes of consumers due to their convenience. The profit model of the automatic medicine vending machine is also relatively simple. The main thing is to do retail, selling snacks and drinks like a small shop, and making a profit from the difference in transfers. However, the drug vending machine is much more flexible than the drugstore. It can be placed in parks, squares, schools, stations and other places to meet people's irregular needs. In addition, advertisements can also be played on the machine, and this market is also relatively large. As for the prospect of vending machines, there is no doubt. The volume of the Chinese retail market is very large. The drug vending machines on the Chinese market are far from meeting the demand. With the rising labor cost and land cost, various forms of vending machines will have a great market in the future and have advantages. It will become more and more obvious. Under the current circumstances, if you want to put in a 24-hour automatic medicine vending machine, you should pay attention to the following aspects: 1. Placement. When the rent is appropriate, the vending machine is more suitable for hotels, office buildings, stations, etc., and not suitable for placement in the pharmacy area, because the vending machine can only be used as a supplement to the night medicine service of the pharmacy, and it is more of a public interest. Meet the needs of temporary drug purchases. 2. Increase medication guidance function. Medicine is a special product, and professional guidance is needed to purchase medicines. Therefore, medication guidance is added to the vending machine so that consumers can quickly find the key contents such as drug instructions, disease introduction, medication answers, etc., which is conducive to the health of the vending machine development of. 3. Selection of drug varieties. The products of automatic medicine vending machines are mainly emergency medicines, including cold, fever, trauma, gastrointestinal medicine, family planning supplies, heat relief and other types. Without professional guidance and recommendation, choose well-known brand products as much as possible. In short, the vending machine has a bright future, but there are still many problems in the early stage of operation. At present, the operation of the vending machine is not yet mature, and operators need to slowly explore and form a standardized use.
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