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The formalities of the vending machine

by:Haloo      2020-11-22
As the outbreak heats up, the national people's heart has also been outbreak collapse of more and more tight, everyone for the outbreak of awareness is also more and more high. At the same time, because the coronavirus strong dissemination ability, it is unexpected, makes the consumption concept of 'contactless' heat up. Without the consumption concept of contact, but also to spurt the unmanned retail vending machine the vitality of the industry, having no contact vending machines, no contact tank heating grid, all came out. In this period, many investors have poured into the market. So the author is here today to these recent or join the market is waiting to want to explain to enter the market investors, want to run the vending machine what procedure to need, first of all, we need to belong to the industrial application of the jurisdiction is individual and industrial and commercial door business license, if is the enterprise, will need to go to the administrative service center of the city's business window is dealt with. After apply for a business license, to determine the scope of our business activities, design of the pre - trial in the scope of business, want to go to related department to handle pre - trial file. File to handle the good, we can operate normally. Through introducing the just, I believe you for if the management of the vending machine formalities is already very clear, if you see the article you are interested in this industry, want to join this industry, but also have some doubts. Welcome to contact us, ask us, we will give you professional solutions, avoid your grief.
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