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The development trend and advantages of automatic unmanned vending machines

by:Haloo      2021-12-02
With the emergence and development of the Internet of Things technology, more and more shopping malls, stations, streetside and other public places have appeared in vending machines, bringing convenience to our lives. So, what are the advantages of automatic unmanned vending machines? What is its future development trend? Let's take a closer look at the development trends and advantages of automatic unmanned vending machines. [Development potential of automatic unmanned vending machines]    With the popularization of the Internet and the penetration of mobile payments, intelligent and automated products have appeared on the market one after another. You can purchase goods using cash or mobile payment, which is very convenient and has won the love and pursuit of many people. So, what is the prospect of unmanned vending machines? In fact, unmanned vending machines appeared on the market a long time ago, but they have not attracted people’s attention. However, with the increase in labor costs and the development of the Internet, they have reappeared in a more intelligent form, attracting a lot of attention. People's attention. Because of its unique advantages, it has now received a lot of capital attention, especially in some fast-moving consumer goods and fresh food industries. They are trying to establish a new retail scene through unmanned vending machines, thereby increasing the company's sales performance.   As for the prospects, there must be some, just look at the domestic and foreign comparisons. Japan has more than 100 million people with more than 5 million vending machines, more than 300 million people in the United States also own nearly 5 million vending machines, and more than 700 million people in Europe also have more than 3 million vending machines. More than 1.4 billion people in China really only own less than 300,000 vending machines.   There are many people in China, and the retail market is very large. It can be said that it is the largest in the world. As a smart retail terminal, the current number is far from being able to meet future needs.   The reason why it is not popularized in the third, fourth, fifth, and sixth tier cities is because the local labor cost is still very low, and the cost advantage of using vending machines for retail is not obvious. However, the economy is constantly developing, and people's wages are rising as a whole. As time goes by, the cost advantage of using vending machines for retail sales will become more and more obvious. At present, the commodities sold by unmanned vending machines include: drinks, freshly squeezed juices, daily necessities, fresh vegetables, etc. In the future, there will be more commodities that can be operated through unmanned vending machines, so as to show the industry An infinitely possible future. At the same time, the unmanned vending machine does not require much start-up capital. It is very suitable for entrepreneurs with small investments. Assuming a machine, its floor space is only about 2-3 square meters, and the rent is relatively low. In addition, entrepreneurs do not need to spend on decoration and other expenses. Only one machine is needed to help you realize the purpose of making small investments and making big profits.   [What are the advantages of automatic unmanned vending machines]    Many people know that the emergence of unmanned shops is a big part? It is because of the emergence of the Internet of Things technology, and automatic smart vending machines are no worse than unmanned stores in this respect. At that time, Pepsi-Cola launched a vending machine, which is mainly used to sell its own food or beverages. Up to now, you can see this kind of vending machine on many occasions. Compared with putting your own products in stores or supermarkets, and selling them together with other types of goods, this kind of vending machine that specializes in selling your own products has greater benefits. It is in the back-end management system of the vending machine. , You can clearly see the sales data of the products, and clearly understand the consumers’ likes and dislikes of the company’s products, so that you can make a corresponding plan to improve the consumer’s shopping experience and the sales volume of the products, and unmanned stores are very It is difficult to do this to such an extent. Another advantage of the    vending machine is that it is lower in cost and takes up less space, so it is easier to popularize. Compared to building an unmanned store, the cost of setting up a vending machine is obviously much less, and its size is small, so it will undoubtedly win easily in terms of quantity. No matter how convenient the payment is, the unmanned store is always people looking for the store, and the vending machine is easy to move, so it can fully realize the store to find people, arrange it in various corners closer to people, and provide consumers anytime, anywhere. convenient.   In short, vending machines that use a variety of emerging technologies such as biometrics, machine vision, and mobile payment will not only make manufacturers feel happy, but also make consumers feel attentive, and are expected to take away a lot of business from unmanned stores.   Robots are competing for jobs with workers in the workshop. Autonomous driving may compete with drivers on the road in the future. Unmanned retail also threatens many operators of small shops and grocery stores.   The above introduction about the development potential of automatic unmanned vending machines and the advantages of automatic unmanned vending machines is hoped to help you understand the development trends and advantages of automatic unmanned vending machines.
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