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The development prospect of China's coin-operated coffee beverage machines

by:Haloo      2023-05-28
In 1999, coin-operated coffee beverage machines began to enter the Chinese market. Nowadays, in airports, shopping malls, parks and other places with a large passenger flow, it is not difficult to find coin-operated coffee beverage machines. At present, the number of vending machines is about 20,000, which is insignificant compared to a country with a large population of 1.3 billion. The China Vending Machine Professional Committee predicts that China's local coin-operated coffee beverage machine application market should be at least 100,000 machines in the start-up period, with an annual gross production value of 1 billion yuan, and at least 50 machines should be deployed in the development period. million units, the annual gross production value should reach 10 billion yuan, and it will reach 3 million units at the mature stage, and the annual gross production value will reach 60 billion yuan. At that time, the national coin-operated coffee beverage machine will develop into a huge industry .
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