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The development of the vending machine

by:Haloo      2020-11-22
As time goes on, the vending machine this emerging machine also gradually appear in every corner of the city. No retail seems to have become a developing trend, without waiting in line to buy things, without the assistant JieFu, are free to choose goods, and so on. This kind of quick and convenient way of shopping has been recognized by the public to accept and. And with the age gradually development, fast and convenient shopping experience in the future, will increasingly be fond of the market. The vending machine what is the cause of the recognised by so many users? The paper analyze for you. Described earlier without queuing etc advantages no longer narrative. Compared to traditional offline retail industry, the retail the vending machine industry has the following two advantages: low cost: the price of the vending machine offline traditional convenience store opened far less than the amount of the cost. Offline store join, shop rent, etc are at least ten, snack vending machine is selling drinks is several thousand yuan a, by contrast, cost degree awarded. No one intelligent: modern retail vending machine industry is intelligent control, quantity, sales situation, product allowance, etc. , are available from the vending machine mobile phone background above all, to facilitate maintenance operator management. Along with our country economy continues to develop, fast and convenient no retail will be along with the increasingly prosperous, although the vending machine still has some defects, for example, cannot sell very large goods, etc. , but I believe that in the near future, this also will be overcome by science and technology!
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